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Ahh, Hitting the Deck: Solo
Last Post 05/28/2015 09:08 AM by thinline .. 11 Replies.
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Nick A


05/23/2015 09:38 AM
Always embarrassing. I'm fine, the bike is fine. Tore up a jersey a little. I was riding on concrete road, and they were doing construction. It's not clear if they had removed the sealant, or if that's why the were doing construction, but going about 12-13 mph, my front wheel went in almost to the rim. Talk about slow motion. "Oh crap, yeah I'm going down. Geez, it's been a while. Well, at least I'm not going to fast. Ugh, I hope nobody's watching. Yup, my arm hurts, but not that bad. Stay off the shorts, they're brand new. And here comes the curb. Yeah, if I hit it, won't be too hard." Between the concrete being pretty smooth, and a lot of debris from the construction, I slid relatively frictionlessly, and only got one hole in the jersey. Oh yeah, nobody saw me, and I finished the ride! Two quarter size road rash marks on the knee. Was surprisingly uneventful.


05/23/2015 09:39 AM
Sorry about that - hope you heal quickly.


05/23/2015 10:25 AM
I have broken my collar bone twice. once on each side. I was alone both times. once it was stupidity. once it was the road. both are embarrassing.
Orange Crush


05/23/2015 10:47 AM
Yeah those are embarrasing. Good you came off easy. Happened to me couple times, once a silly little spill resulted in a bum knee for a year.

Almost happened yesterday...came off 2nd narrows bridge ramp on bike lane; while looking over my shoulder for opportunity to merge onto road I ended up in the narrow grassy bit between the path and the high curb, bounced for a few metres through grass then fortunately managed to hit the high curb at good angle so I was launched onto the road without any consequences. All of this accompanied by a fair amount of cursing.
Nick A


05/23/2015 02:45 PM
I went on the same route today. I should have paid more attention, but some of those seams were an inch wide and over an inch deep, so I know, once in, no amount of bike handling was going to help. Approaching 50, I was happy that I wasn't sore today. Got a little bored and tried some different routes. Wound up riding on some loose packed dirt along a diversion channel. That'll keep you on your toes with 120psi in the rear tire. :-)

Ride On


05/23/2015 03:26 PM
I've done that exact same thing, put my front wheel in raod expansion joint crack. Yup they will take you down. I chipped a bone in my elbow for my troubles.


05/23/2015 04:45 PM
Glad it wasn't worse. Heal fast.


05/23/2015 06:22 PM
fell off my road bike in my driveway a couple years back going zero miles an hour. do.t evenknow how I did it maybe couldnt unclip for some reason. hurt like hell. no witnesses. had a few scratches to explain tho
Cosmic Kid


05/23/2015 11:40 PM
As long as nothing is broken (bike or body)all is well!!

Just say "NO!" to WCP!!!!


05/26/2015 11:58 AM
I'm glad you got off as easy as you did. Time to buy a lottery ticket. Good luck.


05/26/2015 02:51 PM
Some years back, I had finished tuning the bike and just mounted up new Michelin Pro Race tires. Was summer so I was barefoot and shirtless but wanted to test ride the gears around the neighborhood so jumped on the bike and went down the slightly sloping driveway at < 5 mph, turned left at the bottom and promptly slid out. Rash on elbow, ankle, and shoulder/back but luckily no one was around to witness it. Stupid mould release on Michelin tires!! :-)


05/28/2015 09:08 AM
Ah, confession time. Two incidents. 1) riding from my house on dirt to the paved road, I used to reach down and clean my front tire then reach around and clean my back tire by placing my palm on the tire, hand between tire and seat tube. New bike, new geometry, WHAM, my hand jammed between the tire and seat tube acting like one great brake. Slammed to a stop and toppled over, luckily to the side my elbow was NOT sticking out from with my had still stuck in there! 2) riding up (for those familiar with it) the last steep pitch on the west side of the App Gap, Vermont Route 17, it was like 90 degrees out and about 200 feet from the top it occurred to me I was likely going to faint, head spinning etc., so I touched the brakes to keep from rolling backwards as I unclipped . . . or thought I had unclipped. Went down like the guy on the trike in Laugh In. The problem, there are always people parked at the top taking photos, enjoying the view etc. and they ALWAYS watch a cyclist's progress coming up that last pitch. So, yeah, I had many observers as I walked the rest of the way up. I assured everyone my ego was more bruised than anything else.
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