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Local race leagues ?
Last Post 05/30/2015 07:28 AM by Nicholas Arenella. 1 Replies.
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Ride On


05/30/2015 06:17 AM
Around where I live , and I think just about every other place in the U.S. bike racing is an event to event type activity. In lots of other amateur sports there are leagues set up. Team signs up to play x number of games for y dollars over the next n weeks. Is there any place doing that with cycling ? Like a weekly crit series? You sign up with z number of your buddies. Get points for placings. Tally the points for the team. Week to week winning team and over the series of weeks an over all winning team.
Nick A


05/30/2015 07:28 AM
When I grew up in NY, the Century Road Club of America had something like that. It was a huge club, and they all(?) raced all the same races as everyone else, but they also had their own spring training races (I think open to all?) and like a weeknight they had their own internal competition within the bigger picture. On a bigger scale, they tried a city based team thing in the '80's I think, so that there was the Philadelphia xxxx vs the New York xxxx, with some way of scoring, and a league championship, etc.

N Edit: Yup, looks like a hundred years later, they're still at it. This is their race schedule. It shows "regular" races and "club" races: PPS: They also do this cool thing. They are so huge, that they have "sub-teams". So if a team of people get a legit sponsor, they can use CRCA as an umbrella, so they are the XYZ Company Sponsor Team that selects who is on the team with a CRCA affiliation.
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