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Wow! Breakthrough ride today
Last Post 08/28/2015 03:44 PM by 79 pmooney. 3 Replies.
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08/27/2015 11:35 PM
This has been a quiet year for me on  the bike.  Last fall I partially tore both Achilles, then did both worse over the holidays.  PT work over the winter and spring.  Backed off riding a lot and rode gears like I haven't in years until the weather started warming up.  I have less than 4000 miles on and half of that are geared, way below the 5000, 90% fixed of recent years.

Recently I started riding more on the 42-16, usually leaving the house on a 17 and flipping about 6 miles out.  I have even done a few rides where I have impressed myself going upwind in that gear.  Today there was a very light wind and it was warm.  (I suffer far fewer injuries on warm days.)  So I threw the 15 tooth on and left on the 16 tooth.  Flipped the wheel at the usual spot.  3 miles later, I am riding into the wind I knew would build and just decided to see if I could keep the 15 rolling to the half way point.  I did, though the gentle downhill into the wind to the turnaround was a killer!  Knowing I would have the wind at my back for most of the uphills, I kept the 15 on but allowed myself to gear down as soon as I saw an easterly wind (and knowing that as I closed in on Portland, the westerly would get weaker and the east gorge wind would build.)  With 16 miles to go,I saw the easterly and flipped back to the 16.  But that 16 wasn't easy!  Not any more.

Got my butt home.  Looked at my watch.  (At mile 3, it was 2:45.)  5: 38.  2 hrs 53 minutes for 51.7 miles.  18.0 mph.  For this 62 yo on a fix gear.  I am going to feel this one!  And I think it will be a ground breaker.  Cycle Oregon, here I come!  And I might even do it fixed.  (I'll have both bikes ready so I can decide on day -1 if I have to.)

One hammered 79pmooney and his "wife" Jessica who is ready right now to do it again.  (And won't take offense if she doesn't get to go on the big ride.  She's a sweetheart.)



08/28/2015 09:02 AM
Good to hear, Ben!

Give me a year and I'll be keeping you company.

Don't worry about Jessica - I'll bring my own darling ; )


08/28/2015 12:15 PM


08/28/2015 03:44 PM
The follow-up: I ate well last night but not too much then gave myself a leg massage. Good move. Drank some tumeric tea and went to bed feeling good and very tired and slept like a log. Felt great today, not sore, no tight mucsles. )But probably not umph left. We'll see when I do my little 18 mile round trip to friends this evening.

An Indian friend turned me on to tumeric tea. (I use 1 tsp in 10 oz water, warmed then heated low for 10 minutes. Boiling makes it much less palatable. I add ~1/2 tsp of honey.)

It is supposed to be good for Alzeimers which runs in my family and took my dad. Also good for infections. I have been prone to infections in recent years and had to go on the anti-B routine too many times. My little story is of seeing a little splinter under my skin heal over, then get covered by a hard wort-like growth. I could see infection under it but couldn't draw any liquid out. All this after I started my turmeric routine but while I was forgetting to keep it up. Stuck my finder in a shot glass of hydrogen peroxide and watched as bubbles poured out of my entire finger. Dipped my finger for the next several days, dreading yet another doctor's visit and anti-B go-round. Remembered the turmeric. Spaced on my finger for a few days. When I looked there wasn't a trace of infection.

Now I am actually developing a liiking to turmeric. What a concept! And that massage made a difference every moment since. Still feeling the benefits.

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