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Haute Route Alps - pics
Last Post 10/01/2015 04:58 PM by Jim Johnson. 9 Replies.
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Orange Crush


09/23/2015 02:45 PM
Bunch of pics...should be in order from Stage 1 to Stage 7.  photo 1-AM_0193_zpslrwmbsdw.jpg  photo 1-HAUTEROUTE-ALPES-DC-510_zpsxxs5ew1r.jpg  photo 1-HAUTEROUTE-ALPES-DC-516_zpspzaoestx.jpg  photo 2-AM_0205_zpsyowjadih.jpg  photo 2-AM_0206_zpsj19kcbfp.jpg  photo 2-HAUTEROUTE-ALPES-2015-AD-868_zps2anexpfh.jpg  photo 2-HAUTE-ROUTE-ALPS-2015-RCL-1583_zpskxeetbdt.jpg  photo 3-AMG-20150825-00845_zpsb8dm8s8g.jpg  photo 3-HAUTEROUTE-ALPES-DC-524_zpstyajtshe.jpg  photo 4-HAUTE-ROUTE-ALPES-DC-288_zpseevspjes.jpg  photo 4-HAUTEROUTE-ALPES-DC-293_zpsveasgzq5.jpg  photo 4-HAUTEROUTE-ALPES-DC-600_zpsc4alwqx9.jpg  photo 5-HAUTEROUTE-ALPES-2015-AD-400_zpsgjdpuj9u.jpg  photo 5-HAUTEROUTE-ALPES-DC-457_zpsiq5uplhm.jpg  photo 6-AM_0210_zpskclknxcy.jpg  photo 6-AM_0211_zpsce7nyh7z.jpg  photo 6-AM_0213_zpsmx4iife4.jpg  photo 6-AM_0215_zpsiqzaasd7.jpg  photo 6-AM_0216_zpsjivryydx.jpg  photo 6-AM_0218_zpshh43mawx.jpg  photo 6-HAUTEROUTE-ALPES-RCL-328_zpsyhqwb8f6.jpg  photo 7-AM_0223_zpszm4z6ac6.jpg  photo 7-AM_0225_zpsbdmgdixp.jpg  photo 7-AM_0226_zps7bkrn9y4.jpg  photo 7-HAUTEROUTE-ALPES-RCL-572_zpso251nskd.jpg  photo 7-SAM_0237_zpsrnuzlv5t.jpg  photo 7-SAM_0238_zpsxm06yb8a.jpg


09/23/2015 04:05 PM


09/23/2015 05:43 PM
Wow! Gorgeous.

Why do you look so angry ; )
Orange Crush


09/23/2015 05:58 PM
Posted By christopher behrens on 09/23/2015 05:43 PM
Wow! Gorgeous.

Why do you look so angry ; )

Cause it was too cold and wet, cause it was too hot and dry, cause they made me climb so many hills, cause I hate iTTs, cause there was too many Brits, cause there was too many pacelines, cause discarded energy gels in your back pockets make a huge mess, cause there was going to be another massage lineup, cause I am Dutch and this is our natural look...or were you just referring to the pic where I am chasing back after a flat; the only 5k I rode in anger :-)

and yeah I know I am gorgeous...but thanks?!?


09/23/2015 07:12 PM
The "LessyBelles" one is my fav. Intense.

Those route stickers are nice touch too. Good stuff!


09/23/2015 07:42 PM
I like the no-glove look... even in the rain.

Fookin' hate gloves and only use them when it's cold or mountain biking.

and I like the look of malice as well.
Orange Crush


09/23/2015 08:06 PM
Les Seybelles as in La Toussuire les Seybelles ski resort. We stayed there. That pic is from Croix de Fer. I just had had a forced rest due to flat so a bunch of extra energy.

The stickers were really useful for planning each day, where to eat etc.

Dale - that day I wore my tuque and winter gloves going down the Bonnette, Var and Izoard. Ditched both riding up. Many had to be bussed down Izoard they were so undercooled.


10/01/2015 01:34 PM
Well. let's see, ummmmm, oh yeah, I just rode 20 flat miles at lunch!

Awesome OC. That is great that you set the goal and did it. Very impressve!
Orange Crush


10/01/2015 03:31 PM
Thanks Thinline - 20 miles is a heck of a lot more than I am riding at moment!


10/01/2015 04:58 PM
Very cool, OC. Well done!
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