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Mt Ventoux pics
Last Post 10/15/2015 10:36 AM by Orange Crush. 13 Replies.
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Orange Crush


10/02/2015 01:18 PM
Because its Friday and I am in a good mood...some pics from the Double Ventoux ride I did with my friend prior to Haute Route. Up on the west side from Malaucene, down the south side which was really gnarly, then over Col des Abeilles to the east side at Sault to enjoy some pizza Provencale followed by 2nd time up from the easiest side.  photo SAM_0034_zpsna7zeefl.jpg  photo SAM_0030_zps6o4u052g.jpg  photo SAM_0127_zpsnh6syq37.jpg  photo SAM_0128_zpsebyjgzer.jpg  photo SAM_0134_zpsgxtl3s0c.jpg  photo SAM_0137_zps9vgnjfic.jpg  photo SAM_0140_zps6pyjgfun.jpg  photo SAM_0142_zpsqftyyocr.jpg


10/02/2015 01:32 PM
Thanks for sharing those pics! You are a lucky man OC. Was that Pizza, before or after that climb?
Orange Crush


10/02/2015 01:35 PM
Thanks Spud. The pizza was between 1st and 2nd ascent after the long stretch around SE side of Ventoux over Col des Abeilles. Arguably that was best part of ride, very small roads zero cars, great views of Ventoux. My buddy had ansjovies pizza and while that is normally my favorite also, I think he regretted it and got really thirsty.

Not lucky, its a matter of making it happen :-)


10/02/2015 02:20 PM

What was the date of this ride?

Is it true that Dutchman are only allowed 8 days a year to be in a good mood ; )

Epic climb - goose bumps looking at the pics!
Orange Crush


10/02/2015 02:54 PM
thanks Huck - it was the Wed before Haute Route so Aug 19 I think. Why?

Funny, this ride was pretty matter of factly. Probably first and last time in my life where a double Ventoux climb can be considered an easy ride. Which speaks of the volume of training this year.

Yeah pretty much our default mood is grumpy.

 photo 0-PHOTOCALL-NICE-186_zpsbcqdc5lm.jpg


10/02/2015 03:10 PM
Weather looked perfect! Any wind?

You didn't gift anything to that guy ahead of you did you?
Orange Crush


10/02/2015 03:33 PM
Any wind? Wicked mistral that day. On 2nd ascent we initially had tailwind and at some point clocked 30kph uphill. Then in the open it switched to alternating side and headwind. We went down to 7 kph and on the last turn the bike was almost blown from underneath me. Also cold, 8 degrees on first run over top. We never stopped, went straight down, too brutal up there, the pics are a bit misleading.

My friend is a much better cyclist then me (German team pursuit champ at age 18), he doesn't need any gifts. But he doesn't know how to take pics on the fly on a bike, all his pics of me were garbage.


10/02/2015 04:11 PM
The thing I am most envious of is the form required to do this. That is a lot of hard work. I hope you heal quickly.


10/02/2015 08:03 PM
I think that expression is "badass hard guy", not grumpy, and well earned.


10/02/2015 11:18 PM
OMG! thanks for the pics, lucky man you!
Orange Crush


10/03/2015 03:08 PM
Posted By SideBy Side on 10/02/2015 04:11 PM
The thing I am most envious of is the form required to do this. That is a lot of hard work. I hope you heal quickly.

Thanks - there's progress, still cramping up sitting in office and at night but I can walk normal now. Almost time to start refocusing on April.
Nick A


10/03/2015 08:10 PM
Wow, very impressive. You're certainly the picture guy lately. If you want, I can post some pictures of the burgeoning homeless enclave under the bridge where the bike path goes. LOL.



10/15/2015 09:22 AM
I believe OC is due some serious Rule #5 props for his efforts!
Orange Crush


10/15/2015 10:36 AM
Haha thinline - certainly not for this ride and not really for Haute Route either. Perhaps for the June-July training period when I was struggling with some fairly bad back and left leg cramping problems, with weekly hard training ride occurring at the back end of five days in the office. The third ascent of the day often was on one properly functioning leg. That quickly disappeared with office out of the equation in France. Really desk work is the only effort to which Rule #5 applies.
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