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New Fork - Suggestions and Feedback
Last Post 02/22/2016 02:27 PM by Kenny Gonzales. 6 Replies.
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02/12/2016 01:45 PM
Hey fellas - I'm looking for feedback on a new fork. My first question is whether or not I need one. My second question would be what to get next. I have a Seven Axiom - 2002 vintage. When it was assembled Seven suggested a Wound Up fork. It's still on there with over 40k miles. I've never crashed it or anything, but I'm simply weary about such a critical part having issues on a high speed descent or whatever. I don't see any visible signs of wear or tear. Suggestions for replacement if necessary? It seems that ENVE is well respected. I called Seven and they have a nice replacement fork, but it's expensive and I'm wondering if paying an extra 200 bucks is for the name on it. I don't know. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.
Cosmic Kid


02/12/2016 02:39 PM
I would wager the reason their replacement fork is an exrta $200 is due to low volume, not any increased safety or design considerations.

Enve makes great CF stuff....I wouldn't hesitate getting any of their stuff. You could also just go with another Wound Up fork.....if it got you 40K miles, that is pretty impressive.
Just say "NO!" to WCP!!!!


02/12/2016 02:55 PM
2 comments: You might contact Wound Up and see what they say. That would be interesting. They might want to sell you a new fork, but they might also be interested in touting the durability of their product. Of course, a 14yr old carbon part is due for an update. Is something that you get new today going to be higher quality than that 14yr old fork (or higher quality than that fork was 14yrs ago)? I would guess that manuf and design of carbon parts has changed a lot since then.

2nd comment is if you do buy, go through a local dealer. For a part like that, I wouldn't want the risk of getting some knock-off from one of the online sellers.

Enve is suddenly making a ton of product that is showing up on a lot of brands. It's almost like overnight they have replaced Zipp as THE source for high end carbon essentials.

Of course, you know why the Seven fork has a premium: those decals are expensive!

Let us know what you decide.
Gonzo Cyclist


02/19/2016 10:15 AM
The Enve is top notch, and I have heard good things about Whiskey 50 forks, if anything, upgrade to a better fork, stiffer, lighter, etc........the only issue I can think of is most new forks have a tapered steerer

Enve has stepped things up, from the time when when I was in the shop, the Enve guys were coming around a lot, touting their manufacturing process, one time they even brought some wheel sections so you could see what is going on inside of their, and the competition's CF wheels. Their stuff is bombproof in the MTB world, they have really made a name for themselves in the Rocky Mountain Enduro Series, but, Enve is $$$$$$$$$$
an Enve package (Wheels, Stem, bar, and seatpost) will make a dual squish MTB a $10,000.00 bike real quick


02/19/2016 11:48 AM
I ended up ordering a new Enve fork. I talked to Seven, and as Cosmic suggested above, the reason for the extra cost is one-at-a-time manufacturing. They were very nice and confirmed the correct rake for the fork based on the custom geometry. It turns out the Wound Up from 2002 was shorter from crown to axle than current forks. Seven did the math and suggested the proper rake for my bike.

Thanks all for the input. I ordered a new Chris King headset to go with it. 14 years is probably long enough for that part also! Good quality parts last a long time, but not forever.



02/19/2016 04:02 PM
Sweet! Remember the pics when you get it.
Gonzo Cyclist


02/22/2016 02:27 PM
Niiiice.....made in Ogden Utah, good company, great products
Just saw that Enve was purchased by Mavic's parent company, 50 million, in CASH, whoa....

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