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careful out there
Last Post 06/08/2016 08:37 PM by ed custer. 18 Replies.
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04/15/2016 12:08 PM
I was chatting with another friend who had a similar accident about 5yrs ago. He laid out for me how difficult it was to get his bills paid to the point where they had to sue the driver's insurance company to get the bills paid. Fortunately doctors and hospitals understand all this and mostly let it play out before calling in the collections agencies.

I was looking at my auto policy and think I have about $1M PIP coverage (2 minors on our policy), and darkly joked to my wife that anyone would be lucky to be hit by someone in our family. But we did not up the PIP coverage until the minors started driving. In general, it sounds like you can't really go after someone for more than their coverage if it is just an "accident". Your personal health coverage picks up the rest, I think, but they are very reluctant to pay out until the driver's policy is exhausted.


04/16/2016 07:07 AM
Back in the old Velonews days we hashed some of this out out PA Biker who is an insurance broker. In some states, maybe all of them, your uninsured/ underinsured motorists policy covers you on a bike in most cases. I checked with my agent and it appears as long as I am not racing that past of my auto policy covers me and if that gets exhausted it spills over to my umbrella policy.



06/08/2016 03:56 PM
FYI, he is back at work and recovering. Walking with a crutch, and more surgeries to his arm and hand to come. They were able to rebuild his finger with plates and bone grafts. His wrist and elbow are still issues, but he is hoping for enough range of motion to ride again.


06/08/2016 08:37 PM
That's terrible. I wish him well with his recovery...
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