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Muscle groups used in pedal stroke
Last Post 10/11/2017 12:13 PM by Evan Solida. 17 Replies.
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10/08/2017 10:16 PM
I take a white paint pen and outline my cleats as soon as possible after installing. I go over it again whenever I change cleats. Sometimes when making adjustments, I will use a black sharpie on the white outline and can be sure about making very small changes


10/09/2017 12:21 AM
6ix, this thought came late to the party - how to accurately raise or lower your seat as you make other changes. It's a trick I've been doing for years. Sit on the bike beside a wall. Put your heel on the spindle of the pedal with the crank down and in line with the seat tube. There is a magic seat height where you can either bend your knee or straighten it without rocking your hips.

I've been doing this test in stocking feet as I liked a lower seat than most. A cycling shoe with its low heel would be a step higher. It might be a household slipper. The trick is to find that heel where this test works. Now it is a no-brainer to set seat height. Put on those shoes and adjust until you pass the test. (Different pedals can screw this up. The old pedals with just the spindle underneath were easy. Just flip them over. Some of the clipless pedals vary quite a lot. Still, that doesn't matter as long as you don't change pedals.

The place where this test is really good is when you change seats, especially to very different seats. This test doesn't care about the seat at all. It is all about locating your hips the proper distance from the pedals.



10/11/2017 12:13 PM
Thanks for the tip Ben!! I'll give that a try. I've definitely found it difficult to get saddle height correct after switching saddles even if they are identical. Saddles naturally wear out over time. You know how the Fizik Arione is basically flat from nose to tail? yeah, well my ancient one has a pronounced sag to it in the middle now. Just an example.
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