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Dog vs bike redux - the recovery
Last Post 06/03/2013 07:24 AM by pike HillRoad. 5 Replies.
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06/02/2013 08:01 PM
Four weeks ago I mentioned a dog crashed me out of the evening commute. I ended up with a separated left collarbone and fractured right wrist. 3 weeks out I was able to get back on the bike for short rides and commuted with my MTB and panniers (I usually use a backpack). Four weeks out and I can use the backpack and have been able to handle 50+ mile rides. The doc says he is amazed at my recovery and range of motion (nearly normal) because they said it was nearly a level-five separation - all ligaments torn and 100% displacement of the end of the collarbone upwards. It is still like that - I have a permanent golf-ball sized lump on my left shoulder where the end of the collarbone is sticking up. It is still sore locally, and the muscles are weak in that shoulder - can't lift anything over about 10 pounds without pain. Even opening a door is a bit painful, so I use the right hand for all that. But at least I can ride. The summer is shot as far as the events I wanted to do - mainly double centuries - because I lost a lot in the four weeks It sucks to be older and have slow recovery time. Anyway, it was not as bad as it could have been, I guess.
Orange Crush


06/02/2013 09:04 PM
Ughh, that sucks. All the best.


06/03/2013 01:11 AM
That's bad news. Hopefully things will get better over time. I nailed a dog 2 years ago, fared better then you, just fractured my left elbow..


06/03/2013 02:05 AM
Heal up bro. The only dog crash I had. Was from my own Labrador and the stick she put in my wheel. LAUNCH. That was the last time she insisted on carrying a stick at all times.


06/03/2013 06:17 AM
"but at least I can ride." C2K_Rider sees the glass half full.


06/03/2013 07:24 AM
Yah - at least you are out. I lost the end of last year myself - From the start of August til January. It takes a while to come back, and sucks to miss good time out. But you can ride now, so that is good. I had to find something else to do, which was a little tricky.

In short, heal up well.
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