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Well now I've done it......Ironman WI, here I come
Last Post 09/17/2013 05:29 PM by Cosmic Kid. 5 Replies.
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Cosmic Kid


09/16/2013 03:57 PM
Upon the goading from the guy who runs the training center I frequent, I signed up today for IM WI. Mark your calendars - September 7, 2014. 51 weeks to go!!!
Just say "NO!" to WCP!!!!


09/16/2013 05:28 PM
that'a boy! IMMoo is arguably the best one out there. the course is super challenging, crowds are super supportive and the facilities (i.e. monona trace rather then tents) are simply the best. all the times I've done it the swim was a 2 looper rather than the single loop. That back stretch is going to feel super LONG and right into the rising sun...good times!

I'm back into racing next year as well but new gig (beginning next week) +new baby (March '14) will keep my focus on halves for 2014. maybe we can do a trip up to the Verona area and ride a least the 3 sisters section a few times.
Cosmic Kid


09/16/2013 06:03 PM
Sounds good.....you gonna do Racine? I'll probably do it as a training race leading up to Madison.

It is all gonna depend on my running injuries and which ever one comes up next. Just got my Graston scrip renewed so I can see if I can finally kick my plantar fasciitis. Not gonna do any running between now and January and just try and let it heal.

COngrats on the new gig and new bambino!! That is awesome!!!
Just say "NO!" to WCP!!!!


09/16/2013 08:00 PM
Good for you CK and congrats to BuffFan too.
The Short White Guy™


09/17/2013 04:29 PM
Good luck with the baby next year Buff, and racing.

CK, make sure you are rolling and massaging your calves and stretching the achilles. One thing that helped when I had PF was to use trigger point massage right on the spot where the inside calf meets the shin bone (about mid way up lower leg). If you can hit that spot it should release a lot of the tension on the lower fascia.

Cosmic Kid


09/17/2013 05:29 PM
Funny you mention that, SWG.....I was at the recent NACDS trade show (National Association of Chain Drug Stores) and stopped by the Incrediwear booth. They do a bunch of braces as well as socks (Great socks, BTW....definitely worht checking out).

Anyway was chatting with the guy about my PF and he said "lemme show you something....the problem is your foot is rolling over when it strikes and the issue is in calf." He has me hold up my leg and rotate m,y foot inwards...."I am going to push back and I want you to resist me" He is able to move my foot pretty easily. He then says "I am now going to activate your calf muscle" and hits the same trigger points you mention, right along the shin bone on the lateral side. Repeat same exercise above and he was not able to move my foot. "I am now going to deactivate your calf" and repeats the trigger points. Then easily moves my foot.....

Was a pretty amazing demonstration, especially since it was not related in the slightest to him selling me a product. I'm just not certain how to make sure my calf muscle reamins "activated" now!!

Got a great suggestion today for icing your foot / Achilles / Calf.....get some mud boots from Lowe's or Home Depot. Fill it up about halfway with water, put your foot in and then dump in ice. You can simultaneously ice all 3 areas with no mess!! Brilliant! Picked up a pair at lunch.....

I am also using a foot warmer / heating pad to help loosen things up, which seems to be helping.
Just say "NO!" to WCP!!!!
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