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I just noticed I own 5 US made bikes
Last Post 11/14/2013 09:40 AM by thinline .. 7 Replies.
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11/11/2013 01:12 AM
The thread about our miles to date got me looking at my mileage spreadsheet.  I noticed that I am now owning 5 US made bikes and one French bike.  In order of snazz:

2007 TiCycles road bike  (US)
2011 TiCycles fix gear  (US)
1979 Peter Mooney road bike  (US)
1983 Trek 420  (US)
1989(?) Peugeot (fillet brazed 501 tubing)  (French)
1980(?) Schwinn LeTour (Chicago)  (US)

In the past, I have owned (chronologically to me:

1967 Peugeot UO8  (French)
1972 Lambert  (English)
1976 Fuji Pro  (Japanese)
1981(?) Schwinn  (Japanese)
1984(?) Sekine  (Japanese)
1986(?) Miyata  (Japanese)
1984(?) Univega race bike (one down from the top)  (Japanese)

(3) changed hands, (4) were ridden into the ground or crashed

Miles on US made bikes lifetime:  41%
Miles on Japanese made bikes lifetime:  31%
Miles on French made bikes lifetime:  17%
Miles on English made bikes lifetime:  11%

I won't claim any of this is significant, but I do find it interesting, especially having a stall of almost entirely US made bikes.  Of course, it isn't hard to see how some of that happened.  Bikes come and go, but customs stay.  And as I get older, I insist more on bikes that really fit and feel right and for me, those are almost always custom.  But the Trek and Schwinn?  The Schwinn was $50 at a garage sale I was at for something else entirely.  The Trek was purchased frame-only after crashing my winter fixie.  It was the best of the bikes I could find that day at several shops.  It is also the best workhorse fixie/commuter/rain bike I have ever owned by quite a lot (though the Peter Mooney would be better if I ever chose to do it).  Funny, that used Trek frame cost me more than the Mooney frame!  The Mooney cost me $450.  (It can pay to go to framebuilders before they "make it".)  The Trek cost me $80.  But, the seatstay caps started cracking though the stay itself.  The repair and repaint cost about $500.



11/11/2013 08:27 AM
Interesting that there are no Italian bikes on you list.
You owned a Lambert for 4 years! And lived!
Am I correct in thinking that the US has historically been the center of Ti frame production, until the mass produced Taiwanese frames? I rectly had one of those (Motobecane branded): incredible value, very light, but too flexy for me. I assume they shaved the production cost by using thin tubes.


11/11/2013 11:49 AM
US Bikes:
Carl Strong- Titanium
Carl Strong- Steel

Colnago Cross bike
Masi road bike
Bianchi cafe bike

Not sure-- probably China
Haro MBT


11/11/2013 02:59 PM
lsd, barely. That fork broke when I was going ~35 mph. I spent 5 days in a coma and it was 7 years before I could return to school and repeat my undergraduate program and get back into my field. Maybe superstition, but I now only ride steel forks. (Not much of a hardship. The technology to make sweet riding, strong, reliable and good looking steel forks had been around a LONG time!)

Italian bikes: I got turned on to SunTour derailleurs 1973. I started on a Simplex (the UO-8). The SunTour derailleurs were so superior, obviously by design as well as material, that I never wanted a bike with the Campy Record derailleur which was basically a Simplex with far better materials and workmanship. And of course it would be an unforgivable sin to put a Cyclone on an Italian bike.



11/11/2013 04:18 PM
1999 cannondale road bike. i think it was u.s. made
waltworks mtb converted to a commuter/tourer (sorry, walt) , u.s. made
niner mtb (tiawan i think)
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11/12/2013 11:23 AM
These are the bikes I’ve owned throughout the years and the last two are my current. Interesting that I did not realize that all my bikes were US made except my current road. I was huge GT fan from the get go, don’t why but then they introduced the iDrive system and that is perfect for trails I ride, very technical and lots of climbs.

1991 Cannodale CADD 3Aluminium
1996 Cannondale CADD 9 Aluminum
2006 Litespeed Avior Carbon
2008 Pinarello Dogma Magnesium AK61

1990 GT Timberline Hard Tail Aluminum
1995 GT RTS full suspension Aluminum
2005 GT LTS Full Suspension Aluminum
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11/13/2013 11:39 AM
US Made bikes in CK's stable:

1992 Serotta Colorado II
1998 Schwinn Paramount Ti (Serotta built)
1996 Co-Motion Softride tandem
1999 Mongoose Pro Titanium Cross bike (TST / Sandvik built)
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11/14/2013 09:40 AM
Hmmm, I have a Paketa (US made), a Klein frame (parts all went on the Paketa) an old beat up Trek 400 and an older Bianchi Eros. My seven should be arriving shortly :-) So, I guess mine is a mostly US house but not intentionally so by any means.
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