Rider position - arms high looks faster
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01/18/2014 09:39 AM
Interesting article on wind tunnel testing of Contador at Specialized.  Big thing they found was that having his arms higher, even at the expense of body height, was faster and more power.


I've been using a bar/stem position that is higher and further forward on my bikes the last couple of decades.  I got there for different reasons - trying to get a large touring frame with it's long head tube to be comfortable as a city/winter fixie.  The start of my super long stems.  Discovered a 180 "traditional" quill stem made that bike very rideable, better on hills, faster upwind and comfortable.  All my bikes have now evolved to longer reach, less drop seat-to-bars (except Team Dumpster with it's traditional 13 stem, basically my old racing position).  The old elbow to nose of saddle, fingertips about an inch behind the bars is now a couple of inches but my stems are up say 1/2 - 3/4 inch over the slammed ones I used to use with an old school 59 cm frame.  (Those stems always had nicks on the underside of the necks.)

Cosmic Kid


01/18/2014 05:51 PM
The tough thing about aero positions is that the opposite answer can, on occasion, be the correct answer for some riders.

In general, lower is faster. This has been proven time and time again in the wind tunnel. But there are guys for whom having higher arm positions is faster. Look at Flandis and Levi with their Flying mantis positions.

But higher arms doesn't necessarily equate to a higher position. Some riders can better "turtle" their head and upper body if their elbows are higher. This makes them faster and the higher arms fill the void in their chest area, again increasing efficiency.

I'd also like to see of AC's new position stops his "carriage return". If he can keep his Assos set on the seat and stop sliding forwar and then pushing back all the time, it has to increase his efficiency, I would think.
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