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Orange Crush


11/17/2021 12:10 PM
Set by both Davide Formolo and Maria Vittoria Sperotto: 918 meters in one hour. Previous record by Gilberto Simoni, 1.071 meter. Do we have any track stand magicians here who can better this?


11/17/2021 06:00 PM
Sorry, track stands are a disqualified you have to be moving.

From the way back memories, Montgomery Wards used to sponsor a kids bicycle rodeo in Yakima, Washington where I lived as a kid. One of the events was slow race, line a bunch of kids up and the last one over the line won. You hade to go in a mostly straight line and not interfere with any other rider.
I think you might have won a $10.00 gift certificate, you got a dollar just for entering the rodeo.

Another event was riding down a painted line, you started with ten points and lost one if your back tire went off the line and two points for the front tire.

Fun to remember something from 50 years ago that I hadn't thought of for decades.
Orange Crush


11/18/2021 04:18 PM
Those sound like fun challenges. Glad to trigger some memories.

Sounds like I missed some key fineprint on the inverse hour record. Having to keep rolling will make it harder for sure.


11/18/2021 08:17 PM
So I assume they gear appropriately to keep a proper cadence to set this world records. (I'm guessing between 90 and 105 RPM.) So a gear like 24 x 340,000 would work. There would be challenges. BB has to clear the cog (obviously). If I did my math right, that might mean being about 2000 feet forward of the usual location. Since said cog would be a little bigger diameter than the wheel, a narrow ditch would have to be dug to accommodate it, roughly that same 2000' deep.

A better approach might be a series of reduction gears. Now the 14,000:1 reduction would (I imagine) have enough frictional drag that the required power to overcome friction might be quite high! So: the rider who can sustain the highest power gets to use the lowest gear and therefor cover the shortest distance. Ck would like that. New world's record, set at 400W for an hour. 34" = 86 cm.

A Bonneville salt flat bike with the gear train reversed with few more chains/cogs thrown in?
Orange Crush


11/18/2021 08:40 PM
Haha that would be interesting but they look to have just regular gears. Video at bottom of this page. Hmm that looks like track standing to me.


11/19/2021 10:02 PM
Thanks for the links. Watched the videos. The male IMO slowed to zero mkh more than once for a millisecond, but confess did not read the bylaws, who knows maybe that's OK.
Cutting through the BS, the male and female riders were in full team kit on full team bikes, both bad choices for dabbling, and refs looking the other way. I'm cool with courier riders and match sprinters showing their go slow stuff, but really, as presently presented, this is all a lot of BS.

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