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06/19/2013 07:22 PM
Okay, my first double century (212 miles with the hardest terrain between mile 140 and 182) is this Saturday. see www.100-200.org for the grisly details. Any advice on nutrition much appreciated. I intend to ride at a low to mid-intensity whenever possible but realize that a century ride nutritional plan will likely not be enough. All advice welcome!


06/19/2013 07:59 PM
You bring-up ugly memories! Years ago I rode the Davis Double Century at high intensity back in the days when it was clocked such that you could actually race it for place. I won't go into the gory details and logistics of relying upon rest stops to eat, but I discovered that my body craved tomatoes and oranges. I discovered at the end of the ride that neither digests well. 'nuff said ...

Eat early and often. Beyond that I would also add that you should take a some good cigars to enjoy nice long breaks along the way. Life' too short to waste going fast.



06/19/2013 08:19 PM
Whoa! This Saturday and you're wanting advice on Wednesday? You're at least a month late but here we go. I've done the PBP Brevet series a couple of times, 565 mile BAM, and raced LOTOJA (206 miles) there times.

Don't get behind on food and drink. In my LOTOJA training I did training rides where I weighed myself before and after and calculated the weight of what I drank to figure my sweat rate then made sure I consumed enough to prevent dehydration.

Conserve you energy-- don't go chasing city limit signs, KOM points, or burn matches unnecessarily pulling a bunch. Draft, my friend, draft.

When you stop don't take a long time-- get off the bike, get your business taken care of, then get back on the bike.

Only consume stuff you know you can tolerate. Don't load up on stuff you're not familiar with.

Good luck and enjoy the ride! After the feeling returns to your hands give us a full report
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06/19/2013 11:10 PM
Check this out: http://ultracycling.com/sections/articles/nutrition/century_nutrition.php

Tips on live links?


06/20/2013 09:06 AM
Unlike a shorter ride, you'll have to keep the pace high some of the time to finish in on time, with the climbs being the place to push the pace, then coast and eat a lot on the descents. A change of bike shorts midway is nice if you have that option. Good luck!


06/20/2013 10:53 AM
all i can say is chapeau my friend.


06/20/2013 11:22 AM
No advice, but would love to get a post-ride report. Best of luck, and have fun!


06/20/2013 11:45 AM
That looks like a great ride - wish I could do it! Before the ride I have my usual breakfast of protein shake and cereal (I don't think it works well to change habits that you already know work for you). On DC's I take most nutrition as liquids. I find it easier to do than trying to chew a lot of stuff. I never stop at a long lunch stop for a sandwich or anything like that. I grab a clif bar now and then and have some gels just in case. It seems there is no organized support on this ride so you are on your own. Do you have your own support?

I try to only make a few stops - 50, 100, 150. Usually that works unless it is a really hot day and I need to grab liquids more often. It is surprising how long you can end up spending at a rest stop if you aren't careful. 10 minutes per can add up to a lot of time a the end of the day. On the other hand, I don't know how some of the faster riders get by with 10 minutes total stopping time.

I don't push the pace like I used to. Just cruise and enjoy the day. I know I'm not finishing first, so what is there to rush for besides beating the sunset?


06/20/2013 11:48 AM
short breaks and don't take any pulls for the first 80 miles if you can help it. Finishing a double strong is a great feeling. Good luck. Looks like a really cool route.


06/20/2013 02:14 PM
I'm actually teed up for the Garrett County Gran (or is it Grand?) Fondo on Saturday. 125 miles and 16000 ft of climbing (so they say). It will be my longest ever ride by some distance. Haven't done any specific prep, and I may well wind up getting my head handed to me. I'll think of you as I (hopefully) cross the finish line and rejoice that I don't have another 90 miles to go.
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06/20/2013 02:40 PM
dkri that's a ton of climbing! That ain't no Sunday century!

I've found that electrolyte pills and heed are pretty much essential on those monster rides. Of course everyone has their favorite set of pills, powders, and potions.


06/20/2013 03:24 PM
Haaaah....Get professionally fitted for your bike.


06/20/2013 04:01 PM
These have been cited above, but in three doubles I would say:

- Drink right from the start, and keep it up regularly
- Eat right from the start and keep getting stuff into your system (after 150 miles, I lose all hunger and you may need to "force feed" late in the ride)
- Conserve energy in the first half - as Chinook said above, finishing strong is a great feeling (much better than just finishing)


06/20/2013 07:28 PM
Thanks, all. I think I have it right in my mind as all the advice supports what I was planning. Really wanting to finish this thing as a major eff you to the nasty car wreck I was in about 2.5 years ago. Long story some of the Velo News refugees are familiar with. If I make it to that MA line, I'll be grinning and bawling like a baby at the same time. Thanks for the advice, the support and encouragement. I'll definitely post a report on Sunday when I get home regardless of the outcome.


06/20/2013 08:12 PM
Best of luck.


06/21/2013 05:48 AM
good luck and good skill.

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