Crosswind riding
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Orange Crush


11/20/2013 11:58 AM
LOL, this video brings back memories. Some insane crosswinds on those dikes.
Keith Richards


11/20/2013 12:21 PM
Those kids are TOUGH.

One of my favorite websites for cool cycling photos.
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11/20/2013 01:58 PM
Wow! I thought I had a rough go of it this weekend with 26 mph wind, but I guess it was child's play comparatively speaking.
Cosmic Kid


11/20/2013 05:12 PM
Dayum.....suffice to say, I woulda been on my trainer. And I sure as schitt wouldn't have been pulling through!!!

Many years ago I was out in Boulder on a really windy day....maybe 30-35 mph. We were all heeled over at some obscene angle just trying to say upright. A car passed me on the left (where the wind was comiing from) and blocked the win for about 1 I start to veer left as a result. I straighten the bike just as the draft passes and the wind hits me full force......wooosh! Off the side fo the road I go and down a ditch. Was pretty damn funny.....

It was also my first ride on my new Serotta Ti frame w/ Kestrel fork. "How do you like your lightweight bike now?" came the chorus of catcalls.
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Orange Crush


11/20/2013 05:43 PM
Last time I almost ended up in a ditch was in a crosswind at tail-end of the storm that downed a whole bunch of trees in Stanley Park. It was a cow$4it filled ditch, glad I managed to stay out.

Back in my NL student days I regularly rode from my parent's place to Utrecht where I lived, 150k with tons of dike riding and LONG bridges over the major rivers (remember "a bridge too far"?). Always lots of wind but never to the degree that my bike was flapping in the wind like a flag as in that video. But one day was bad enough going down to near zero forward speed that I said f#$%k that and got on a train.


11/23/2013 07:48 PM
That is crazy


11/24/2013 02:47 AM
I did a rainy, windy ride last winter where I had to stop on two stretches of road, plant my foot well into the wind and lean into it until that squall had passed. The first time, I had to ride into the crosswind until I found a driveway I could turn into so I could stop headed downwind. I wasn't at all sure I could stay on the road and my tires would grip while I was looking for that driveway and I was using all of my half of the road. Fortunately, I was the only one on it. I stopped at least four times on 3 miles of road.

Orange Crush


12/05/2013 03:06 PM
I wonder if those boys are out today. Up to 137 kph winds have been measured.

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