'smart' electric wheel
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Yo Mike


11/26/2013 12:33 PM
Seems thoughtful, but I'd like to see a less expensive, non-smart phone version

30 mile range....hmmmmm.....


The vid was pretty funny, with the guy 'locking' the elec wheel with the bike left on the sidewalk, and then he's 'pleased' to find it still there after he comes out again some time later......
Gonzo Cyclist


12/01/2013 12:49 PM
some weird things going on out there in the electric bike world, we have a guy in town doing the Stromer bikes, they are pretty well thought out, and they look nice, but 3 to 4 grand a pop? That's nuts


12/01/2013 01:57 PM
The builder of my bikes, Dave Levy of TiCycles, has built an electric bike that is intended to be a replacement for a car for city residents. It features both the extended rear end similar to those marketed both as full bikes and aftermarket kits and the European (Dutch?) style front platform. He brought it to the bicycle trade show here in Portland last March. While they were setting up, all the other vendors wanted to ride it. They quickly found that a second person could easily ride on the extended back. Then a third in front. Bike handled just fine.

This is a bike that could bring home a washing machine and not as a stunt. But it will cost thousands. (Seven? But the Fiat on the dealer's lot stays there.)


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