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26" disk brake wheel, lite, tubeless? Ideas?
Last Post 09/08/2013 01:32 PM by Kenny Gonzales. 16 Replies.
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09/08/2013 09:53 AM
Food for thought: I just talked to an old friend who had the opportunity to ride identical spec 26", 27.5", and 29" wheel, 5" travel bikes. A few disclaimers: He went in with the idea that the 29" would be the best bike (his main personal ride is a 5" t, 29" w). He only rode each bike for about 2 hours (over two days). He intends to buy the 27.5 as soon as it hits the shop this fall. Its got me thinking that I need to ride a 27.5 to see for myself.
Gonzo Cyclist


09/08/2013 01:32 PM
26" is still there, but for how long, the market is full of tons of used 26" squish bikes, some nice deals out there for sure. We consigned an Ibis Ripley at the shop, this bike sold for 2300, but was prolly 5K brand new
We have been selling the crap out of the Santa Cruz Carbon Tallboys, they start in the $5300 range, but man these bikes are sweet, and they come in at about 26.5lbs, not bad at all. We have done some builds with the full Enve package, some of these have come in at 24lbs, but they are 10K!!
Just got in a couple of Bronson's, and a Solo, plus the 27.5 Heckler. We have hit some rides where we had people on 26's, 27.5's, and 29er's, we would all switch bikes at times, we all noticed that the 26'ers handled great, the 9'ers rolled much faster, and that then27.5 was just as fast, but handled a bit quicker than the 9'ers.
I am torn right now, we have a Ritchey 27.5 frame, and a P29'er, I want to build one, but not sure which one at this point, I am leaning towards the P29er
Just sold my Trance dual squish yesterday, loved that bike, but it's time for a change
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