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Going studless
Last Post 01/22/2014 11:17 PM by 79 pmooney. 1 Replies.
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01/22/2014 11:01 PM
I just ordered tires to replace my Vittoria "greenies"; the green rubber CX (clincher) tires I bought cheap years ago.  Best ice tire short of studs and the diamond point cotton CX sew-ups of years ago I have ridden.  Ordered Continental Top CONTACT Winter II tires at a local shop.  Went on line when I got home and saw I could have either Winter I or Winter II Premiums which look like a better grade tire, but less of a winter only tire.  I'm guessing I'm getting the non Premium.  Should be in in two weeks.

This near guarrantees I will not see ice this year.  My new car has cables that I have put on once already (for practice), my bikes have a working set of greenies and possibly better tires on order.  Probably enough to keep Murphy at bay.

I'm looking forward to these new tires.  Let you know what I think when I have them in hand.

I am sure I could have found these tires cheaper on line.  But it was the bike shop employee who told me about them.  I have asked about really grippy tires over the years and never got a good steer until he told me of the Continental winter tire that they do not recommend for dry roads!  That's it!  When my greenies were new and still had their hairs from the molding process, they were so sticky  I used to joke about expecting chunks of dry pavement to get stuck in my fender.  And I used to seek out puddles, sand, dirt and gravel just to reduce rolling resistance.

I am happy to support my LBS when they turn me on to stuff like this.



01/22/2014 11:17 PM
These tires will be fitted on an older fixie wheelset with an 18t cog. Then it is an easy swap of wheels when needed. And the 18t is one tooth bigger than my regular cog to deal with all the extra rolling resistance. You want to pedal slower in icy conditions and I used to actually gear up a tooth, but with age and even slower tires, I can gear down and still drop my RPM. (Sad reality.)

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