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Tubeless Road Tire Sealant Recommendations
Last Post 06/27/2013 08:35 PM by Andy Eunson. 16 Replies.
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06/27/2013 12:17 PM
I always have a new tire mounted on a rim with a tube in it to give the casing its shape. If the casing is already shaped in "pops" easier. It doesn't seem to change the way it goes on the rim but it pops out of the center and onto the shoulders waaay easier (oldfart may be correct about the folds).

FYI: All of my experience is with dirt tires (one exception below). I've been tubeless for seven years. I find that UST tires are harder to get on the rim but easier to pop. Actually, the harder the tire is to get on, the easier they pop even with tubeless ready and tubeless light tires. I guess the tighter fit doesn't allow air to sneak under the bead. My only experience with road tubeless in my neighbor who couldn't get his tires to pop with a floor pump. I took the valve core out, gave it a quick blast with the air compressor, and pop.


06/27/2013 08:35 PM
jr agreed. Tighter tires hold the initial air blast in better so they air up more easily. You can see that when you use soapy water because you get a lot of foam on loose fit non ust, non tubeless ready tires where the air rushes out.

With road I find that sometimes simply pushing down on the tire at the valve while pumping with the other hand gets the air to start inflation. Other times unscrewing the valve and pushing it up, pushing the beads in and re tightening the valve does the trick. Making sure both beads are in the drop channel or center of the rim bed helps too. I think the bends that are in a newly unfolded tire prevent the bead from sitting flatly and evenly and air gets out under the creases. Airing up with a tube before hand and leaving it may iron out those creases.
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