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tool/saddle roll
Last Post 09/27/2013 01:19 AM by Andy Eunson. 5 Replies.
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09/20/2013 12:30 PM
I'm thinking of trying one of these.


It straps on underneath your saddle with a velcro strap. I don't carry a lot of junk, but am having problems finding the right size seat bag. These come in different colors. Can be custom made, and only $17.00. What do you think?


09/20/2013 02:55 PM
I like it.

My favorite tool pouch is all old Cane Creek that they don't make anymore. Its about half the size of the roadrunner and has a Velcro strap for the seat rails.


09/26/2013 09:16 AM
That should do the trick. I'd use the cinch strap with the clip to hold it on my bike though. I've been using the Continental seat bag with the single velcro strap attachment for years...or, more precisely, I'm using my THIRD Continental seat bag. The first two fell off somewhere on the road when the single strap gave way. Hope whomever found them (and did not return them) enjoys the flat kit and my medical insurance card with my address, and may bad karma haunt them every time they use it.


09/26/2013 10:20 AM
I used to use a square of cordura nylon. Wrap the tube and CO2 and multi tool in there and held under the saddle with a toe strap. Worked OK off road but sometimes the old toe strap would work loose. Voile and G3 and others make these stretchy rubber ski straps in various lengths that are way better than a toe strap. Never come loose and I have yet the break one. I usually supplement any seat bag with one of these.


09/26/2013 04:17 PM
I like it. Like a lot. I’ve been using a small saddle bag (and I mean small) with cut off straps for years that barely fits a tube, cartridge, chain tool, small set of Allen keys and a tire lever which has a permanent fixture in center pocket of my jersey on any given ride.

I hate saddle bags under seats and it’s never fun trying to get stuff in after you’ve pulled everything out, in any condition.

“It is always harder to get it in than to pull out”. You can apply this theory to anything in life and it will hold true. That was a quote from my college prof that has stuck with me all these years and that’s because I am always trying to prove it wrong.

Thanks for sharing.



09/27/2013 01:19 AM

Scroll down to ski and utility straps. These things are golden.
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