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disc brakes for cross
Last Post 02/23/2014 04:23 PM by Kenny Gonzales. 55 Replies.
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Orange Crush


02/03/2014 12:37 PM
Nys and Stybar rode cantis though. "Nys had stated before coming to Trek that the added weight of his disc bike was still too much, but now the difference is under 600g, and will decrease in time, it will be interesting to see what happens throughout the next season."

For Vos a bit of extra weight just makes the training laps a bit harder.



02/03/2014 02:51 PM
I think silver and bronze winning women were also on disc brakes.


02/03/2014 10:31 PM
Van De Haar won the World cup using disks.


02/04/2014 08:09 AM
read somewhere that Nys would use the disks on a course that featured a sharp downhill where the extra braking power would be an obvious benefit.


02/04/2014 08:38 AM
next year all the cool kids will be running disk on the front and cantis on the rear.
How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.
Ride On


02/04/2014 04:55 PM
I will never understand the desire to stop the wheels from spinning relative to the frame.

I think what you want is to stop the wheels from sliding relative to the ground.

One does not equal the other.
Sweet Milk


02/06/2014 09:31 AM
Perhaps, but unless you use a different braking mode slowing your wheels' spin is how you achieve slowing your speed, hopefully without your wheels sliding. Therefore the more control you have over how you slow the wheels' spin relative to the frame, the more likely it is that you will achieve slowing without sliding.

Off course what you really want is to arrest your forward motion in a controlled manner, how it is achieved is immaterial as long as it is legal...


02/06/2014 11:37 AM
Ride On, you've just made one of the best arguments for discs there is.


02/07/2014 04:17 PM
Velonews has an article on the new Focus disc cross bike. They suggest that a through axle eliminates disc rubbing as well as making the fork - hub interface stiffer. It never occurred to me that disc rubbing the caliper was caused by that. I do know that I don't have that problem on my mountain bikes one of which is a 15mm through axle and the other 20 mm.

One of the reasons I ordered the Giant TCX with discs was because it has a 15mm fork through axle. Of course the bike is here and has been since Christmas, but it has no brakes (SRAM) so the bike won't be delivered to the shop until...summer?


02/12/2014 06:37 PM
My TCX0 arrived mid-October and I've had no issues so far.   After a short break-in period the only time I have had any disc/caliper noise at all is when the road is drying out and very gritty due to road gravelling.  Other than that I never have any pinging.  The through axle does it's job.  Great frame, nice offroad with the 35mms but I am sticking to 28mms as I am in road-only mode due to the brake recall. 


This whole SRAM recall circus is getting very old.  DNR (Do Not Ride) on Dec 22nd, update on Jan 15th detailing temporary replacements.  We are now at Feb 12th and Norco / CyclesLambert both do not have any information on when replacements will be available in Canada.  Glad I chose to keep rolling as I retired my old winter bike.  Probably 1500km on it since Dec 20th.  Mostly sticking to a 40km rural loop with essentially no full stops.
Gonzo Cyclist


02/23/2014 04:23 PM
BB7's are aweful Red Tornado, the absolute worst, if you want a Mechanical DIsc, go with the Shimano CX77's, they feel like Hydraulic brakes, but without the hassle of cutting lines, fugly brake hoods, etc......
I have a pair on one of my MTB's, these things work, almost as good as my Magura's on the Ritchey P-29'er
that bike looks pretty sweet Sarpin, it just needs some manly cross tires!!!
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