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Helmets with retractable lenses
Last Post 01/03/2014 08:58 AM by bob etzler. 4 Replies.
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01/02/2014 02:04 PM



So I am in the market for a new helmet. I’ve worn Giros from day one as they fit me the best. Want to try something new and I really like the idea of retractable shields BUT three problems with the one above, price, the shield is a snap on and not retractable and it looks like a winter helmet (not enough vents), so I found this:



I like this model but not crazy about the colors – too fugly.

Anyone has any experience/suggestions?


Yo Mike


01/02/2014 02:18 PM
I am wondering if the shield will block the front vents somewhat when it is retracted.

I like the idea of a retractable visor very much, but wonder how it performs in a crash.

I got another Nolan 'full face' MC helmet a few months back, and the selling point was a retractable, internal sunshade / visor. I love it


01/02/2014 02:40 PM
I have had one in my motorcycle helmet for the last 12 years. great feature for a motorcycle helmet. On a bike helmet weight and cooling are more important and I think the cooling and weight will both be negatively affected for anything performance oriented. Great for Downhill helmets. might like it on an MTB where I was in and out of cover a lot but I think Sunglasses are still a much better option. Probably a good addition on a commuter. In fact I still wear sunglasses on the motorcycle as I mostly only use the added sunshield when riding into the sun and to lower the ambient light levels in the helmet. Looking through plastic windows can be nauseating if the lenses are distorting the image and these drop down sun shades are subject to twisting. On the motorcycle helmet the drop down shield is in a rigid frame and is still hard to look through. They are harder to keep clean and scratch free too. They add the convenience and can be a real help when riding toward the sun (a very dangerous time to ride too) or if you forgot your glasses but not as a replacement for glasses. I think they will affect ventilation in certain helmet designs but some of the new Aero helmets use a different method of ventilation more compatible with a lens hidden in the forehead area.


01/02/2014 03:10 PM
That Giro helmet lets a fair bit of air in. I learned that one cold morning about a month ago. I thought the lack of vents meant I did not need a helmet beanie. Nope. Ice cream headache for couple km before I was warmed up enough.

I have not seen the Dux in person yet. I am intrigued by the idea though. One report suggested the quality was not high.


01/03/2014 08:58 AM
DUX has a blue version at a cheaper price. > LINK I would be very interested if my eyeglasses would clear.

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