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So what's next? (spoiler)
Last Post 07/08/2013 10:13 AM by j t. 37 Replies.
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07/07/2013 04:26 PM
I think today's stage would have been much more interesting and dramatic had it ended at the top of the last climb at 138 kilometers. A short stage with 5 good climbs? Epic.

As it is, the Tour organizers again attempted to outsmart themselves and failed miserably.

There is nothing more anti-climactic than a mountain stage that ends in over 20 kilometers of downhill. All today's stage did was tire out some riders before a rest day.

To have nothing of consequence happen to the overall is a waste of a mountain stage.

As for Froome and his antics yesterday, it wasn't so much that he was so good (he was), it's that everyone else was so bad. Watch the stage again and tell me how the other contenders could lose so much time on the first day of mountains. If Froome only had one epic day in him, he picked the right one to win the Tour on. Sometimes it's not so much the course, but how the riders ride it.

Froome was isolated almost all day today, and no one moved to rip his legs apart. If those pathetic attempts to break him were all they had, then this Tour IS over.


07/07/2013 05:10 PM
well, speaking of today's stage (stage 9), sky went bye-bye, except for froome. after the quintana attacks on the final climb where was valverde's attack to reward all the work the team put in? not there. same with contador.

i again maintain that the results this season prove the peloton is much cleaner than years past. one rider (can't remember who) said whereas the peloton used to be 90% dirty it's now 90% clean. based on what i'm seeing this season that looks about right to me. question is, who's the 10%, dunno.

yes froome is strong but he's been strong. yesterday's stage results didn't look suspect to me; in fact i thought it was an epic stage with a columbian again showing his natural conditioning off the front. team sky burned a lot of matches and it showed up today. now froome can relax until the alps (TT the exception). will reassess the situation then.


07/07/2013 06:37 PM
seeing porte pay today for his effort yesterday was definitely a sign of a human rider.
sucks for porte, but in a way it was also ncie to see.


07/07/2013 10:19 PM
Kr - I do see your pt. we shall see how this little drama unfolds...
Cosmic Kid


07/07/2013 10:36 PM
Today's stage was a nice little throwback to the mountain stages of the 80's. Guys going for it from WAY out to isolate the race leader. A small group of favorites emerging to fight mano a mano for quite awhile.

May have been one of the best stages in le Tour in years.

And SKY is apparently human afterall.
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07/08/2013 06:13 AM
Sorry I saw just the opposite yesterday

seeing porte pay today for his effort yesterday was definitely a sign of a human rider.
sucks for porte, but in a way it was also nice to see.

Richie got with in one min of getting back on after missing the train, riding solo!! If someone hadn't gotten in his ear piece and told him to shut it down and he finished with the lead group all kind of bells would have been going off. When he was chasing to get back on he was flying , making up ground and dropping everyone in sight. He wasn't paying for the day before effort. I think he lost a lot of time out of choice.


07/08/2013 09:03 AM
When the camera showed Porte, not making contact with the lead group, he looked like he was out for a sunday ride. Froome looked like he was working, but Porte, no! Maybe he is special and has no sweat pores?


07/08/2013 10:13 AM
I will invoke my right to cynicism for a period of no more and no less than 8 eight years
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