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Tom Danielson baseball hat sighting.
Last Post 08/13/2013 07:41 PM by Bike Czar. 22 Replies.
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08/13/2013 12:09 PM
speaking of TD -- I found there remarks interesting -- from cyclingnews today on why he hasnt attacked more and gone for wins in the past

"I think it's because I love cycling too much," Danielson said. "I'm afraid to lose it, so when I get to that moment, I almost choose to not take it because I'm afraid if I do take it and I don't succeed, then I failed. I just mentally kind of second-guess myself. But I had a different Tour de France this year, getting injured in the beginning, and I had a lot of time to reflect while I was getting my head kicked in in that race; you know, why am I doing this sport?"


08/13/2013 12:33 PM
interesting remarks but odd at the same time... he of all people would know how infrequently an attack succeeds, but as jens would say, if you don't you never find out.


08/13/2013 12:36 PM
Is that the star from Glee I the pic with Tommy D? Come to think of it, he does resemble her poor costar who recently killed himself.


08/13/2013 01:12 PM
Hear around the water tank here at work, apparently he lead a spin class in Boulder with a video and play by play of his Vuelta stage win.

Consensus - douchenozzle
Keith Richards


08/13/2013 01:53 PM
In hindsight the fact that he was on the Fassa Bortolo with Cancellara, Flecha, Pozzato and Petacci seems comical.
----- It is his word versus ours. We like our word. We like where we stand and we like our credibility."--Lance Armstrong.


08/13/2013 01:56 PM
In that second photo he looks like a bus boy in a remake of Iron Chef Japan.

I know, I'm piling it on; but, in sport, aren't we supposed to have our favorites?

Never cared for ole Eskimo blood.


08/13/2013 03:11 PM
i'm waiting for bikeczar to defend a-rod (hey, somebody's gotta stir things up around here; getting too tranquillo)


08/13/2013 07:41 PM
I wasn't so much defending him. I was more laughing at you school girls for picking on the kid not dressed the same.
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