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chris horner: no gloves, one booty and a big smile
Last Post 09/13/2013 08:39 AM by Frederick Jones. 21 Replies.
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09/08/2013 11:56 AM
Gonzo Cyclist


09/08/2013 12:58 PM
I was wondering about the one booty also, but then noticed that Nibali looks like he has neoprene gloves on, and Horner has no gloves, but he's wearing leg warmers?
the reports said that it was in the low 30's? A bunch of the riders came down with hypothermia, that's nuts


09/08/2013 01:03 PM
Geez. I was looking at his butt thinking yeah he's pretty skinny. Then I saw one shoe cover. D'oh. You'd think a pro team and riders would know to bring warmer clothes for crap weather.
Orange Crush


09/08/2013 01:07 PM
That's a funny pic but the conditions were not so funny. It actually did not seem all that bad but the change from searing heat must have been a shock.

As Spain's Juan Manuel Garate (Belkin) told Spanish television, "up to today it's been very hot, suddenly it's dropped by 30 degrees. It's ok when it's cold, but you need time to adapt." Garate spent 10 min in team car using the heated seats to warm back up and change into dry cloths before souldiering on in stage.

Basso: "When I stopped, three or four people were needed to get me off my bike. I was confused and lost, the team car did the right thing because I could have hurt myself,"

Alejandro Valverde recalled Luis Leon Sanchez (Belkin) being forced to quit because he was so cold he could not control his bike, and Spanish television said another rider in the break, Steve Chainel (Ag2R) had to stop and get in a team car to get a massage to avoid hypothermia.

Meanwhile Nibali seems to be walking away with this Vuelta without even having to try. He's just toying with everyone else.


09/08/2013 01:14 PM
He rarely wears gloves. He was probably removing his booties when the pace lifted so he only got one off. He looks like he is smiling when he is breathing hard. He is wearing leg warmers because of his crap knees.


09/08/2013 04:05 PM
It's been fun to watch, great race so far.


09/08/2013 08:19 PM
next day: still smiling.



09/09/2013 02:00 AM
Horner morphed his grimace into a smile years ago. Has to psyche out the competition. I remember cheering on Horner in Fitchburg MA back in the mid-90's and he had the smile back then when pulling the field along at 30mph. I wonder if he ever had gloves on during that stage...? That would surprise me if he was that casual about it with so much to lose. Usually the fingers are the first thing that goes - on the long descents you can't modulate the brakes very well, you can't even feel them and you're shaking too.
Ride On


09/10/2013 07:07 PM
Doesn't Viagra help blood flow?

More blood flow helps keep you warm.

Old guys need it I've heard.


09/10/2013 09:08 PM
Posted By Ride On on 09/10/2013 07:07 PM
Doesn't Viagra help blood flow?

More blood flow helps keep you warm.

Old guys need it I've heard.

Don't believe everything you hear!


09/10/2013 09:59 PM
heh, heh, heh... tell 'em Bob


09/11/2013 08:46 PM
On stage 1 of the tour of Alberta a young rider went down after the feed zone. He landed on his bare palms. All week he rode in great pain and a lot of bandages. Never ride bare handed.


09/12/2013 10:46 AM
Good point.
How much body armor to wear? Why stop with gloves? Performance used to sell stretch cordura shorts and 3/4 knickers. Much better abrasion resistance than just lycra, but still comfortable. I still have my knickers. They are a bit warmer than thin lycra, which would be an issue in hot weather. Just side panels could save a lot of skin.
Yo Mike


09/12/2013 11:33 AM
+1 Master50


From hand +‎ shoe, likely as a calque of Dutch handschoen (“glove, mitten”) or German Handschuh (“glove”).

Makes sense to me.

Orange Crush


09/12/2013 11:52 AM
Good point LSD. There's a heck of a lot more incidents where thighs, buttocks or arms get scraped. Equally painful yet we chose minimal or no protection there. Hmmm.
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