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Motorpace training
Last Post 10/17/2013 03:07 PM by Elle S.. 16 Replies.
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10/17/2013 12:20 PM
I did a good deal of motorpacing back in the day (80's) and I think it is a reasonable thing to do on the right road, even today. I used to do it on a lakeside parkway with a good clean shoulder and light traffic. The benefit is HUGE for getting race speed in your legs. Cars are more effective but I think more dangerous. You can see ahead of a motorcycle/moped and see the road surface better too. In either case, the driver is 98% of your safety equation. They must be uber-smooth and anticipate the worst when scanning the traffic ahead.


10/17/2013 03:07 PM
79pmooney, You've got me thinking. Alongside the safety issue, which I've already commented on earlier in the thread, there's possibly another reason for banning motor-pacing: it's a motor.

The last time I attended a pro race as a spectator, I was sort of flabbergasted by the numbers of vehicles involved, something you don't really think about when you're right in the middle of it. Maybe we should be projecting a more modernized spectacle, in which the petroleum/coal-burning industry isn't promoted quite so prominently.

While 50cc scooters are hardly to blame for climate change, they are at least a symbol of environmental degradation that perhaps we shouldn't be projecting. Our racing machines are after all not just a symbol of the solution (to the extent that there is one) but, arguably, the actual means of it. Why is a bike race, at its most defining level, such a carbon-dirty affair?
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