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04/25/2020 08:43 PM
Don't discount the Dem's ability to fumble at the one yard line. And Joe is a flawed candidate. Please please please pick a VP that will appeal. The Bernistas will accept equally old Warren. The people who will decide this election want a moderate who projects stability, common sense, and minimal threat to their world view. Hello Amy K.


04/25/2020 10:05 PM
lsd, I was going to say the same thing. I fully trust the Dem's to stumble over a rake.

OC, I don't think Trump will fire the first shot, but he has already assassinated an Iranian higher up, pulled out of I forget which treaty and we are the country that shot down an Iranian airliner in it's scheduled flight and flight path (and didn't apologize for quite a while). We are oblivious that little things like that aren't forgotten everyone else two presidents later. (Oh, we helped a certain Saddam Hussein wage an 8 year war against them that eliminated a generation of young males. Suppied Iraq with warheads to deliver gas and the satellite info on where to deliver said gas.)

So, Iran's pretty wary of us. They don't want to be blown away by our military, so they won't make the first move -unless they feel like a cornered snake. We have a leader with the most powerful military this world has ever seen and he has the diplomatic awareness of a donkey (that's never seen a snake). Iran might feel they have to make a sudden, hard strike somewhere while they still can.

And, I have not way to prove this, it would not surprise me if China quietly encouraged them and made it clear they would back Iran. China is also suffering a humiliating setback and may be seeing our dependence on them wan anyways. What better way to set the US down a few notches than lock it into a closer and more costly Vietnam.

A smart US leader would realize his hand isn't quite as free as it seems and that what his words are matters.
Orange Crush


04/26/2020 10:50 AM
Klubachar would have been a superb pick for Sanders had he won primary. The two have great synergy and friendship and are politically complementary. Not sure about her as VP pick for Biden in terms of attracting additional voters or buffering his perceived weaknesses. She certainly checks some boxes but the two of them combined may cause progressives to tune out again unless Biden’s policy agenda (on which him and Sanders have struck several committees) address that aspect.


04/26/2020 06:49 PM
This whole thing reminds me of Catch-22. While Dreedle and Peckham were feuding, Scheisskopf came into command, and he loved parades. The scariest part is the most brutal form of Catch-22: They can do anything we can't stop them from doing. It's not just the $4ithead. Turtlechin is a huge part of this, but the Republican acquiescence is reprehensible.
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