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I own the Richard Sachs of water skies
Last Post 06/10/2019 01:20 AM by 79 pmooney. 3 Replies.
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06/09/2019 05:09 PM
Paid $73.00 for my Maherajah water ski in 1972. They go for $2,340 now!

Guess every hobby can be crazy money if you want to go that way

The inflation calculator shows that $73 dollar item should sell for $450 in todays dollars.

How did I spend that much as a high school kid?
Had no idea I was so flush with disposable income back then.
Orange Crush


06/09/2019 07:49 PM
From my summer job earnings in highschool at age 17 I bought my first road bike. A $3k bike at half price for half year old bike because its owner didn't like the colour. Score! That was 1982. From my earnings the year after I bought a guided alpine trek in France as graduation gift to myself which included a failed attempt to scale Mont Blanc. Dirt poor in college though and the next bike I bought at same level as my first was in 2009. I will ride that one tomorrow.


06/10/2019 12:15 AM
Sachs gave a complete bike to a guy I rode with in the late 70s. This rider was very good, a national class rider, and Sachs benefited from the publicity. They also were friends, which probably helped. I rode it a few times. It rode great, and the craftsmanship was superb. The fast rider sold it after a few months (ka ching), 'cause back then making a living as an amateur in the US required more than just prize money.


06/10/2019 01:20 AM
Dale, I just had to open this thread to learn the connection between Richard Sachs and rainy day skies. I'm still scratching my head.
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