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09/17/2013 06:29 AM


09/18/2013 05:43 PM
Nature has a way of exceeding our expectations and showing us how utterly puny we are. Ever wondered what a 1,000 year storm is like? here you go colorado...

II've been reading lately about atmospheric rivers and how they can carry the equivalent of the Mississippi river in water content. The last truly major storm that hit California was in 1861 when it rained for 45 days straight leaving the entire central valley under water and fresh water flowed over 20 miles into the Pacific past the Golden Gate. Sacramento did not dry out for 6 months. They say that kind of storm happens every 200+ years. We're due...

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09/18/2013 06:27 PM
Been seeing the pictures of the flooding around Estes and Boulder and can't believe I rode there only couple months ago.

The particular weather feature that contributed to this flooding is the same as what caused the massive flooding in Alberta earlier in the year and from which they are still recovering (hence Queen stage of TofA being redrawn). Air circulation getting trapped by the mountains so that you have the weather system stuck in one spot dumping massive amounts of water.


09/18/2013 07:39 PM
1/1000 or 1/50 like I read in the Denver Post on line (I think it was)? Maybe it's been updated? Like a lot of natural disasters, people moving into places they didn't live before makes this disaster worse than it would have been 40 years ago.
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