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05/20/2013 09:00 PM
it's about the money too. ride Le Tour, or park cars down at the local Spanish steakhouse. that's a seriously tough choice.


06/03/2013 04:21 AM
Slightly off-topic question-

when the term "blood vector doping" pops up, is that just a fancy way of describing EPO abuse, or are there other drugs involved?

Because before and since its' inception, there hasn't been another drug out there that helps increase a rider's level of oxygen that I know of.

Like any other drug, the original brand (of which there were two-Epogen and Procrit, both of which were the same exact drug called epoetin alfa but marketed to different types of patients by two different companies) has gone through second, third, and fourth generation iterations, but they all do the same thing.

If GW501516 is supposed to help a rider lose weight, there are other less potentially dangerous drugs to use. Unfortunately, the anecdotal hearsay has been you can lose weight without losing any of your power. and when used in combination with AICAR, it's basically rocket fuel.

Makes sense when you see someone like Bradley Wiggins win a Tour de France, even though the 2012 edition of the race was the most boring in quite a few years (and that's saying a lot, as there have been some real snoozers the last few years) and there was no competition for him to do battle with. Please don't mention Froome, he was 3:42 seconds down on Wiggo in second place, nowhere near the yellow jersey's margin of victory.

I know there's been talk about GW501516 on some bodybuilding sites, but those dudes are crazy and they don't care-kinda like cyclists, I guess, but usually with massive dosages.

There is a drug being tested as we speak that tricks the body into thinking it's at altitude, thus mimicking the effects of EPO by raising hematocrit for patients who suffer from anemia. Then there's another that's being tested for body fat loss that won't have the same side-effects as say, clenbuterol.

So regardless of what's being taken now, there are more drugs coming down the pike that the UCI will have to contend with that will be worse than GW501516, because they will be legal and readily available.
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