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09/18/2020 02:17 PM
Woke up to thunder, then saw lightening around 4 am. Some close flashes, then rain! I usually sleep with ear plugs to not hear traffic, but I took them off oft listen to that wonderful sound.

Opened the window and smelled. Still smokey but also the wonderful smell of rain. Opened up the house and turned on the big exhaust fan. When I was up, I checked the AQI, 146! Back to "health"! (Yes, "unhealthy for sensitive groups". This is one of the few times in 10 days that "health" was even been in the description in any form.. "Hazardous" has been the norm. (We've hit 389AQI at the house. 340s been about average.)

Unfortunately\y, these are quick, windy thunderstorms, not the drawn out steady rain, low wind the firefighters would love.to see. But I'll take it.

Funny - Murphy's Law. Tuesday I got on the phone with my east coast brother and asked him to get me furnace filters. MIne was so saturated with ash that it was doing nothing (and that was with me shaking it out every day). Drove across town and picked up one filter from the furnace people. Put it in. Next day, an entire box of filters arrived. And respirator cartridges. Yesterday, a respirator. Now this stuff is barely needed.

Next i need to put in a call to Mars and have them ship me some COVID masks - as a public service to the planet. But that one's tougher. Gotta get T-Mobile to upgrade my plan. I keep getting "No service" messages. Then I have to figure out Pay Pal with them.

I think I an going to do a short, rainy ride to do a very minor errand that can wait, but it is out of the house! And not in my car with the air on re-circulate and wearing a respirator.

May rains hit California unusually soon. Please.

Orange Crush


09/18/2020 02:32 PM
Yes, the forecast here looks patently fall-like. Hopefully you guys get a good dose down there.

Our local waterfront pier creosote fire will take a week to fully extinguish. This thing is as tricky as an underground coal fire and equally toxic.
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