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Vaccines - the graphenes of the COVID world
Last Post 12/23/2020 12:22 PM by Frederick Jones. 2 Replies.
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12/22/2020 02:09 PM

From that article:

"During the pandemic, experts have asked people to think of themselves as having a risk budget: If you spend some of that limited supply by engaging in riskier behaviors, you will need to cut back in other aspects of your life. Vaccines can expand an individual’s risk budget, Professor Lofgren said. But they do not make the budget infinite: If you travel to see friends, you might still want to offset that decision by avoiding indoor restaurants."

Graphene in tire rubber - using the 6 pointed star and weighting each point for that tire's performance (rolling resistance, grip, feel, flat resistance, mileage, etc - I have long felt those weights, expressed as a number, add up to a finite sum; that increasing say rolling resistance come as a cost to grip. Flat resistance comes at a cost to almost everything else. Graphene changed the sum. You could now improve everything a touch or some things quite a lot, but the balancing act is still there.

Vaccines - the risk factors are now far lower but still there. It's still 1 in 20. (95%) We may still be contagious after recent exposure even if we don't get sick. To sum up in six words. Wet roads are still wet roads. (I saw an interview with a woman who wrote the book just out on Dolly Parton. She was asked to sum her up in 50 words. Paraphrase. The opposite of Donald Trump in every way! I think she used about 4 more words.)


12/22/2020 07:22 PM
Not the sharpest knife in the rack. But does not matter, when I get the vaccine I'm still planning on behaving like I have for the last year, for at least another year.


12/23/2020 12:22 PM
Testing positive and being contagious are not necessarily the same thing - I hope smart people are working on sorting this out.
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