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Sore foot and bike fit?
Last Post 06/04/2014 04:48 PM by thinline .. 6 Replies.
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06/04/2014 09:45 AM
So, as some of you know I have a new bike and I AM LOVING IT!!!! it rides like a dream! But, yesterday I noticed a soreness in my left foot starting at the front of the heel to the middle of the arch. The bike is set up so my legs extend a tad more than they previosuly did but still I am not overextended by any means. Could that minor change cause soreness there? Another possibility is I did some hiking over the weekend and may have just stomped on a prominant root or sharp rock but didn't think much of it because of the hiking boots, got a small sore spot which has inflammed from riding three consecutive days afterwards. Thoughts? Hope all are well and pedaling!
Orange Crush


06/04/2014 09:59 AM
Since you seem to have ridden the bike before without foot pain (?)I am more inclined to look at second scenario. How old are the hiking boots and do they still provide enough support? Or it could be that hiking brought about that your bike shoes don't provide enough support...


06/04/2014 10:44 AM
It sounds more like a hiking problem than a biking problem..


06/04/2014 11:31 AM
Sounds like it may be plantar fasciitis -- probably from the hiking assuming that you didn't get new cycling shoes recently.


06/04/2014 11:50 AM
I had plantar fasciitis for a few months. Hard to walk without limping the first few steps. It all started when I bought new running shoes I used for walks with my dog. I bought another pair of shoes and it slowly went away. You should also do some light stretching.


06/04/2014 11:58 AM
I'll take another approach here. Try dropping your seat to your old height. (I would put a piece of tape on the seatpost first exactly 1 cm above the frame to make going back easy) If the problem goes away, great. And you learned something. And if nothing changes, then you know your foot and the sear height are not related.

It is always good to limit your variables to one at a time when making changes. The hike and potential injury is one of the variables here.



06/04/2014 04:48 PM
I'm leaning towards the hike scenario. I have put a bit over 1,000 miles on the bike in its current setup, including some serious climbing days in VT's mountains. If it was the bike, I would have thought it would have flared up sooner given the miles and terrain. If you folks had come down the other way en masse I would have looked at it differently.

Many thanks.

Ben, if it keeps up, I'll give that a shot.
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