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07/02/2014 01:41 PM
What does epic even mean? I used to feel it often, maybe a couple of times a year. Big rides that were epic, that stretched my limits, took me to new places physically and geographically, that left me a little or a lot gutted and etched memories deep.

Done anything epic lately? Or are you just in a rut, riding your bike around, trying to keep the pounds off, or just stay with the pack? That Adirondack ride sounds epic. Was it? Some rides you think will be epic, might just turn out to be normal. If you've done it before. If things go a little too smoothly.

I've got a ride planned in a week that could be epic, could be an epic fail, could be a mile or two or a hundred too far, or could be rendered too damned difficult due to weather or whatever. It's the first ride in awhile that kinda scares me a little if I can even approach it at all. Of course there are folks out there that do this kind of ride all the time. They are weird and crazy, things I know I am not. We'll see.

Enjoy the holiday.


07/02/2014 02:54 PM
In the cycling industry? an invitation to litigate with Specialized
Orange Crush


07/02/2014 02:55 PM
Nice post Chinook.

I did a ride weekend before last that at 200k I knew was 120k above what I'd been training so would be very tough to complete. But at the same time I would not consider it an epic ride. Heck, I felt worse trimming hedges for 10hrs straight last weekend, that's not epic.

Mt Evan's last year had some crazy weather, lightnight, hail, winds that could easily knock you off your bike and off the mountain. But while some fled, I squeaked through, didn't get struck by lightning, and by the time I reached the top the sun was shining. So epic, I think not.

Next truly epic adventure will be August 2015, fingers crossed, don't jinx it.
Cosmic Kid


07/02/2014 03:05 PM
This thread is epic.
Just say "NO!" to WCP!!!!


07/04/2014 11:39 AM
For me epic is a ride that takes everything you have to finish, either because of planned extreme difficulty or unintended difficulties. That could mean a 50 miler for someone or 300 miles for another. For instance I've been focusing on double centuries this year so have been doing a lot of very difficult 100 to 125 mile rides. But I don't consider those epic because I built up to them and they were just training rides. Even the 200 mile rides were not epic because I had the training and they were fully supported, and had the advantage of some pack riding that lessens the difficulty. If I did the same rides self supported I would consider them epic due the solo effort involved. And if something went wrong it could become Truly Epic in that I may barely finish. But I have not had that experience in many years, probably due to my own caution and planning from past experience. I don't really want to have Truly Epic rides if I can help it!


07/04/2014 04:02 PM

This is epic. Well the older gents ride from years ago.

My ride last Saturday was approaching epic but I backed off near the end for safety's sake. I rode a long climb. I think I ended up with 950 metres of climbing on the Garmin in 2:45 over 16 k? I tried to ride up to a trail called Babylon By Bike on a 29 pound Nomad. The last bit of road was too rough, loose and steep to ride and my map app said another km of hiking, bugs were bad, I was soaked in sweat, bear $4it everywhere and the dog had already yelled a big one earlier in the ride. I had never been on the actual single track but i figured if the road was steep and sort of crossing the fall line and the trail was perpendicular to the contour lines on my map then maybe I should just go back down and hit the short cut back to a lower section of BBB.


07/07/2014 11:34 AM
Epic is every day on the bike, or skiing or winter hiking up a mountain. It doesn't matter how far, how extreme, or whether it's an easy recovery route.

It's epic because you can.
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