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Campy 12 speed prices
Last Post 09/20/2018 08:20 PM by Dale Dale. 6 Replies.
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08/05/2018 04:01 PM
Super Record Ultra Shift Ergopower Levers $540.00 Super Record front derailleur $210.00 Super Record Crankset (gulp) $1,035.00 Super Record rear derailleur $485.00 Super Record chain $70.00 What can I say?


08/05/2018 08:15 PM
As a Super Record 11 user and long time Campy fanboy, it is getting out of hand for sure. I still like their stuff and all, but they sure make it difficult to stay on board.


08/05/2018 08:41 PM
Let us hope that Fox News or Vlad Putin does advise the pliable current occupant to put tariffs on EU bike stuff, which would make it even pricier. The EU will counter, but I predict not against US bike companies who sponsor Pro Tour teams.
Cosmic Kid


08/05/2018 10:31 PM
I dropped out of the Campag scene this year...was still riding their 10v stuff. Always loved the hood shape from the early days of the 10v. Nothing better than the “dimple dump” whenclimbing....

But I just can’t justify that kind of premium anymore...especially when Shimano works so flawlessly (sorry, but it does). It may be soulless, but it always works and is affordable.
Just say "NO!" to WCP!!!!


08/06/2018 01:17 AM
Went riding my Campy 9-speed w/ SunTour friction DT. Got reminded how much I love it. Now zootracer piped in and tells me I should stick with it.

Derailleurs are a total mishmash and the shifting is so sweet! Campy Mirage rear and Dura Ace front. Only part I am not in love with - the Hollowtech 105 triple. Way too much Q-factor, the middle ring tries to pick up the chain running the small-small (or next to small) combo and will drop the chain onto the inner ring running the big cog and not having the FD rub But the shifts are first class. Any of us who raced in the '70s would die for them. Hard to say which is nicer, the Dura Ace FD or the Mirage rear. Both handle the 53-42-28 12-28 so easily.

Nice to not be racing and have no need to keep up.



08/06/2018 09:36 AM
I was shocked on the prices of the 12 speed Campy Grouppo. I still have 10 speed Record on my 2002 Master X-Light. I had the shifters rebuilt once. Still works flawlesly. My '07 Madone had Campy Chorus, which was a trickle down from Record. I had the shifters rebuilt once also. I went through two Chorus carbon cranks after the aluminum spindle insert holding on the left crank came out. Campy would not warranty it. I went with an Athena alloy crank, which works fine. My LBS is one of the few Campy service centers in northern Ca.They seldom (if ever) have parts on stock. If I need some work done I had to find the part online and have them install it, which they had no problem with. My new Madone came with Ultegra 11 speed, which I have grown to like. I miss the Campy thumb shifters and the postive click feeling that you know you have shifted. Campagnolo has become a boutique category. I built an Colnago C64 online at wrench science for the fun of it with Campy 12 and it came out over $10,000. For 10K I could build two Ultegra or Dura Ace bikes. No more Campy for me. That was my point.


09/20/2018 08:20 PM
and that's not with e-shifting either... you'd think they're selling Ferraris not bicycle parts
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