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Ankle update
Last Post 08/08/2020 02:49 AM by Dale Dale. 11 Replies.
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07/10/2020 06:19 PM
Six screws and a plate put in yesterday.  Ouch!


07/10/2020 09:15 PM
Plates and screws are common, a dime a dozen, sorry boring no love here. But those sexy cables!


07/10/2020 09:22 PM
Snark aside, and apologies. I wish you best luck for a speedy and full recovery. Do listen to your orthopod overlords. Suggest ask them if pedaling gently on a trainer is ok (it likely is, and perhaps even encouraged, but I'm talking the softest of soft pedalling, not anything beyond soft pedaling. Why? micromotion promotes healing. No motion and more motion is not so good. You already have fixation, so more motion wont happen, but micromotion is still an option. Even more, Healing is about blood supply. Farther from the heart is bad. There you are. Be a good patient but do ask questions.
Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery. With some luck you will be telemarking at MRG next winter.

Cosmic Kid


07/11/2020 08:00 AM
Heal fast and well, thin line....and hit your PT like a training program. Make sure your doc and therapist know you are a cyclist and you want to bike as part of your rehab program.
Just say "NO!" to WCP!!!!
Orange Crush


07/11/2020 11:34 AM
Heal well.

Miraculously no ankles were hurt during several river fording events with shouldered bikes yesterday.


07/11/2020 05:57 PM
So your net worth just went up. (Your worth, bare naked.) SS or ti?

And while the bad jokes are flying (crashing?) This was caused by wet grass and flip flops. I don't wear my flip flops. I find keeping them solidly bolted in place between the dropouts keeps them behaving nicely.

I've been lucky. Outside of chronic knees, almost no medical issues ever for my supports. Now my arms are another story. Collarbone to thumb - 7 breaks. But, to this day, no hardware. (Well some smithing on my teeth.) My bro's got a SS rod that you could take someone out with that came out of his thigh.

Heal up fast. Do what's needed and be patient. Keep your spirits up. (Probably the number one heal fast drug.)



07/12/2020 06:05 AM
Not sure about cables.  Pre-op the doc said he was expecting to put in two.  I don't recall talking with him afterwards but was given a picture of the post-op x-ray and just see a plate and screws.  If there are cables, I don't know what to look for.

The doc is aware that I pedal and have a trainer so no-pressure pedaling is in the early plan.  Just pedal with the good foot and let the other go along for a mellow ride.

I see the doc on the 22nd to get into a boot and discuss what sort of PT is okay.

Getting bored!

Stay well.  And thanks.


07/17/2020 05:40 PM
Cables are invisible on X-ray but there often are metal washers and always drill holes.


07/27/2020 04:19 PM
Thinline, would it be possibile to use an electrostimulator to keep your muscles strengthened? So sorry to hear of such a bad injury, and I wish you well.


08/07/2020 03:13 PM

Yes, electrical stimulation is a possibility per the PT folks, but they prefer my moving them myself, which I have been doing. Two more weeks of no weight bearing then hopefully the ok for some of that. I am currently taking off the boot a couple times a day for small range of motion, icing and massage.

Just booked an air bnb in the Shenandoahs for mid-october hoping for a sufficiently recovered ankle and manageable COVID levels to spend 9 days there cycling as much as it will tolerate. Fingers are crossed as it is a great spot for cycling and we snagged an awesome cabin in the mountains.

And DonnaMobile, hoping to get that trip to Italy in that was originally scheduled for this past May in October 2021!

And, LSD, yes there is a cable. The doc drilled a hole through the ankle and the small plate on the inside is anchored against the big plate on the outside via the cable running through the ankle bone. I got the doc a Makita Power Tools cap as a gag gift. I will take it to my next appointment on 8/20.


08/07/2020 09:09 PM
TL, you just may have captured the soul of orthopedic surgeons. Very smart and highly trained, and with all that elite credentials prefer to present a blue collar even offensive linemen vibe for the male surgeons and pretty much always college athletes succeeding in a testosterone-driven world for the female surgeons. I admire them all, they are highly selected and devoted to their craft. That said, when push come to shove and you or your close ones need surgery, they are not all equivalent. When you need orthopedic surgery, you want the best carpenter who also has good judgement. Nothing votes like voting with one's feet. We in the medical field learn where our colleagues go or send their families. I'm confident you did well. BTV has good surgeons.


08/08/2020 02:49 AM
Posted By Frederick Jones on 08/07/2020 09:09 PM
We in the medical field learn where our colleagues go or send their families.

^ This. My wife is a anesthetist and watches surgeries every day. When I broke my collarbone she called the ER to see who was on that night then told me to grit my teeth and wait a few more hours.
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