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Ankle update Part II
Last Post 07/22/2020 04:18 PM by Cosmic Kid. 1 Replies.
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07/22/2020 03:34 PM
Went to the bone doc today for the post-op follow up.  X-rays looked good, sutures came out, and the incision (very Frankenstein looking thing about 8" long) is healing as expected.  Out of the cast/splint and into a boot.  Bigger but more comfortable.

Still no weight bearing for at least 4 more weeks and another appointment with x-rays.

However, I do get to take off the boot to shower on my granny chair (wahooooo!!!) and am allowed to take it off while lying down and try to "draw" the letters of the alphabet with my big toe.  I was told this would be near impossible at first.  After seeing the two legs side-by-side I understand why.  Damn, no muscle tone left at all and four weeks to go.

The doc put up a PT scrip but the folks I like and trust can't see me until August 12 absent a cancellation.  So, I am hoping they have someone they trust to refer me to in the interim so I can get started sooner.

Oh, and LSD, there is a small cord involved.  I saw what looked like a very small plate on the inside of my ankle in the post-op x-rays but it did not appear to screwed down at all (the main plate is affixed with 5 screws on the outside of the ankle).  I asked about it today and the doc showed me on the x-ray that he drilled a hole all the way through my ankle and affixed the small plate on the inside to the main plate on the outside by attaching them together with the cord running through my ankle.  Kinda creepy but also kinda cool that we have that medical know how.

Hope y'all are turning the cranks.
Cosmic Kid


07/22/2020 04:18 PM
Glad to hear there has been progress....I'm sure it is aggravatingly slow, but it is still progress.

Fingers crossed you can start the PT soon!! If your preferred PT guys can't get you in soon or have a referral, maybe they could give you some simple exercises to start at home on your own?
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