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Sheesh and a steep climb
Last Post 08/29/2023 05:00 PM by Frederick Jones. 3 Replies.
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08/28/2023 01:40 PM
Okay, my summer.  First, Vermont, rain, rain, rain, floods, rain, rinse repeat.  Tough to get in time outside.  Then, wham, knee tendonitis and 4.5 weeks off the bike.  Just started riding again, wham, gout in my big toe (WTF?), off bike for a week, started riding again, wham COVID plus a COVID rebound, off the bike for two weeks.

Then, last week a trip to Lac Megantic in Canada.  First bike ride post-COVID and we decided as part of our ride to pedal up to the summit of Mont Megantic to the observatory, right about the halfway point of a 45 mile loop.  Dang, that's a hard climb and the rest of the ride was quite hilly, the terrain in that region being very rolling.  Never been so tanked after 45 miles!  COVID sucks!

If you are ever in that region, the climb is a must.  The first half mile is a doozy.
Orange Crush


08/28/2023 06:23 PM
What I would like to know if how you got gout with all that rain. My bout with gout a few years ago while visiting in NL came after a quadruple whammy of heat causing dehydration, a massive mackerel sandwich, a steak and too much beer (all the gout no nos all at once). It resulted in a very painful hobble across Amsterdam Airport.

Our conditions have been the opposite of yours, dry dry dry and tons of forest fires.

As to steep climbs, completed the Bowen Island Man the other week. About 130 kms and 4000+ m vertical in 80-ish climbs all in the 10-28% steepness range, all on dead-end roads killing any and all momentum. "worst ride of your life" completed.


08/28/2023 09:37 PM
Thinline, I'll assume your diagnosis of Gout is properly established. Condolences, can me a miserable condition to have. I hope the damage done if any so far is minimal. This is a manageable condition, but makes some requirements of you. Best Wishes.


08/29/2023 05:00 PM
OC, we had a similarly hard organized ride near Virginia Tech appropriately called "Mountains of Misery"
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