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What are the best/safest tires to blow out at speed?
Last Post 06/20/2013 01:54 PM by Nightfend the cyclist. 17 Replies.
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06/17/2013 02:59 PM
+1 zootracer I also brush off the tires every 20-minutes or so while riding and haven't flatted in 4-5 years. I'm also fortunate to live in a state with no thorns and very little glass on the roads.


06/18/2013 08:21 AM
I've had two blowouts in 100,000+ miles of riding the last 15 years. Both rear, both Continental 2000s, neither came of the rim and I simply coasted to a stop.

From my experience, wire beads fit looser when new but Kevlar beads tend to stretch a bit more over time. Neither should come off the rim, however.

I rarely have flats, much less blow-outs. My formula for success: 1) decent tires (Continentals are my choice); 2) lightweight tubes (seems contrary to the purpose here, I know); and 3) Tuffy liners.

The total weight with the Tuffy liners is no different than running regular tubes with no liner. Using this combination, I have not had a flat in years. Tens of thousands of miles.

An unintentional but nice side effect of running the liners is that the tires bleed off pressure at a much slower rate. Previous to running liners I would pump the tires up every 1 or 200 miles. With the liners I go three or four times that distance before topping off the air.


06/20/2013 01:54 PM
Tubulars are definitely the safest wheels to flat if you are going into a corner. Clinchers can be sketchy if you have a blowout while turning.
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