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Avg ride length
Last Post 07/28/2013 06:34 PM by Orange Crush. 21 Replies.
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06/27/2013 04:50 PM
Howdy- In reading the nice review of the Bianchi, it sounds like a good "endurance" road bike like the Roubaix. Here's my thing (and I love how the Roubaix rides) - how many of us ride "all day"? I do about 4-5 80 mile or greater rides every yr. The vast amount of time is my weekday 1 hr sessions and a 3 hr long ride on Sunday (sometimes 4 hrs). I have a Scott Addict. I put 25s on it and a slightly beefier saddle than the SLR torture device it came with and it's all good. Century ride - no problem. I don't feel disadvantaged at all and still like how the thing rides even if stiff and "racy". How says you? What's you typical rides look like and which way did you go - sport / race appropriate or something less so? J PS Ben - you are the outlier! Nobody I know rides a fixed gear for those kind of miles!
Ride On


06/27/2013 05:55 PM
I think it is intended more for people who ride 3 hrs every now and then. Your typical rally rider.

They don't ride much but when they do they get in a couple of hours. So the geometry and component spec is set up for them, not someone who puts in lots of hours on a "race" road bike.


06/28/2013 08:03 AM
Most of my rides are about 110 - 130 minutes divided equally among road bike (Roubaix), mt. bike (Stump Jumper) and cross bike (Cannondale SuperX). All three are comfy and fun. I live in Vermont so there are plenty of hills.


06/28/2013 04:13 PM
I find my merlin perfect. most of my rides are not longer than 3 hours, but we do have lots of rough roads in Pennsyltucky


06/28/2013 08:30 PM
I've been training for the FireCracker 50 95% MtB, 2-4 hours usually right around three hours. 6 days a week for sure.


07/01/2013 01:06 PM
My weekend rides are 3-7 hours with a lot of climbing (and descending!) mostly on moderately rough chip-sealed roads. I have a Roubaix S-works SL3 and love it. It is very comfortable, plenty stiff on accelerations, extremely stable on descents and light enough for the climbs. I also use 25mm tires all the time.


07/01/2013 02:06 PM
Best long distance road bike is my Strong Ti that Carl made in what he calls "Stage race." Longer chain stays, lowered BB. Super comfy for 100+ mile rides

Currently on a Masi EVO that is fantastic-- super stiff, etc. but after four hours I can tell it's not Ti or steel.


07/01/2013 02:32 PM
Hoshie, I'm less of an outlier these days! The fixies look to gather dust for a few more weeks.

I'll second the ti. My two are both fairly stiff with highish BBs and steep angles and are not specifically distance bikes. Both have done Cycle Oregon (500 miles in a week). Both have seen centuries. I rode 125 miles of my first one before I started to feel the ride was getting old and I turned for home. That was alone and unsupported.

Two things I do that are becoming further form the "norm". Steel forks on all my bikes and old school aluminum rims and lots of light butted spokes (at least 32). I find steel forks a really nice fit to a stiff ti bike, that both ends of the bike seem to react the same (and very predictably) to road surfaces. And I like the feel of lightly spoked aluminum rims on rough roads. You can say I'm out of it because I have not ridden CF (further than around a parking lot) but when I listen to the complaints about chip seal at Cycle Oregon or hear the "ahhh"s when we get off it, I think "I'm glad I"m riding what I'm on!"



07/02/2013 11:38 AM
Posted By Ride On on 06/27/2013 05:55 PM
I think it is intended more for people who ride 3 hrs every now and then. Your typical rally rider.

They don't ride much but when they do they get in a couple of hours. So the geometry and component spec is set up for them, not someone who puts in lots of hours on a "race" road bike.

I'm this guy. I rarely go over 1.5 on my road bike, I'm overweight (6'2", 250) and can't touch my toes straight legged. But, I was fit on my CAAD 8 8.5 years ago and after a few tweaks I haven't touched it geometry wise since that first year. I ride mostly MTB now but when I get on the Dale it is like an old chair that just fits right. The weirdest part is the handle bar width, coming off my very wide MTB bars to the road bike feels like TT bars for the first 10 minutes, then I don't notice it anymore. It is set up pretty "normal", no big drops or unusual bar set ups.


07/02/2013 05:56 PM
My "long" rides are between 4-6 hrs, and I always head north for the hilliest, scenic, rewarding roads around. There are countless loop variations possible; I make it up as I go along. This area is the best cycling I have had access to from my home in my life. Curving, pretty, and low-traffic.
I don't even use a computer, just a watch, but having mapped some rides I do from 70-100 often, say 2x/wk in summer.
I ride a Ridley Excalibur, or can opt for a Wilier Izoard or a Motobecane Ti. Road surfaces range from glass smooth to nasty-ass chip-seal, but most often is worn, chip-seal'ed-over good pavement. Potholes almost nonexistent. All bikes have 34-50, 13-26 Campy 10sp.


07/03/2013 10:26 AM
Hi Josh, I average 2-4 rides a week that run about 2-3 hrs. A couple of times a month I'll head south along the coast then stop off to visit my brother in Burlingame ,a 54 miler. I'll usually have a shoulder bag of some kind to carry extra stuff since nothing is really planned,more about how I feel and the weather. My go to bike lately has been a Merckx Corsa Extra running standard 53/39 cranks with down tube shifters and riding 25mm tires.
Bikes are mind over matter, to me it doesn't matter what bike I ride once I have it set up correctly.



07/05/2013 10:40 AM
I average around 2:30 hrs a day, 5 days a week, sometimes less, depending on what else is going on in my life. Unfortunately, outside of cycling, I don't have much of a life. All my rides are hilly, it's either up or down. I'm getting slower and slower, (sigh). I turn 71 this August. It's more about taking in the scenery and enjoying the ride. I've never bought a bike based on how many miles I ride. I just buy what I like and what I can afford.


07/05/2013 07:02 PM
Zoot I want to be like you in 21 years.


07/05/2013 07:07 PM
My rides are as follows: 1hr tues -fri hill repeats befoe work. sat and sun 2.5 hr rides at 20-22 mph with pals. occasional bblips onthe screen for longer rides during summer. have done 2 long rides recently 78 miler hill climb suffer fest 3 weeks ago and 95 miler yesterday flat and windy way too fast first half 24 -25 mph and 18 mph return which included a full on bonk. hey if it doesn't kill ya... Bob that EM is sweet
Yo Mike


07/06/2013 07:57 AM
Zoot........I want your riding schedule NOW.

I've been getting no more than 2 rides per week for the past few months. A shameful 4 rides in June, avg distance of 40.8 miles. Excuses are wettest June on record, looking after 2 houses, longer commute, just generally less free time. Hard to achieve / maintain much fitness, tho pushing the lawnmower may count as cross-training.
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