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White Lightning Clean Ride (2009)

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Price: $5.00

Manufacturer: White Lightning

Website: www.whitelightningco.com

"A great lube that keeps you honest and your chain clean and working great"

by Brian Butts

I've used many chain lubes throughout the years and White Lightning, now known as Clean Ride, is my go-to lube for all occasions.

Clean Ride is wax based, so it is applied wet, but drys in around twenty minutes to a dry film. Unlike non-wax based lubes, Clean Ride does not seem to attract as much dirt, dust, and debris. White Lightning says, "Clean Ride's self-cleaning action is activated by any dirt, grit or grime that finds it's way onto your chain or parts. Small particles of the outer wax structure will flake off, taking the dirt, grime or grit with it. This begins the cycle of 'self-cleaning'."

Critics may disagree with any wax-based lube being superior to a synthetic or non-synthetic oil based lube. These are the same people who lube their chain, at most, once per week and wipe it off even less. The fact is, every chain should be wiped off after every ride and re-lubed, if not every ride, every 2 or 3 rides to ensure the chain stays clean, lubricated, and sheds any dirt and debris that may build up and lessen chain life.

I wipe down my chain and re-apply Clean Ride before every ride and I have never had any problems with a noisy drive-train, wax build-up, or Cat-4 tattoos. (If you have not ridden in a week or two you may need to shake up the bottle because the wax will settle to the bottom)

I have used other lubes and found that the excess messy oil and build up is not worth the small amount of time saved by only re-applying every few rides. These same Lubes may also be great at keeping your drive-train noise free, but I have never had a problem with the wax-based Clean Ride even after 80 mile rides.

Some people may also complain that re-lubing a chain after every ride can be costly. Really? At around $5 for a 4 ounce bottle I have never bought more than 2 bottles per season and I ride at least 4 or 5 times a week. $10 per year, that is a day's worth of coffee from Starbucks.

Clean Ride is a good product from White Lightning that will not only keep your chain clean and working great, but keeps you guilt free and not worried the next time you stomp down towards that city limit sign.

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