Alberto Contador's season ends with marriage in Pinto
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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Alberto Contador's season ends with marriage in Pinto

by Bjorn Haake at 9:57 AM EST   comments
Categories: Pro Cycling
Spaniard also suggests that he won't be racing Paris-Nice next year

Alberto ContadorAlberto Contador has had a mixed season, with a brilliant win of the Giro d'Italia in May and a difficult Tour de France in July. He hasn't raced since but ends his season with his wedding. He was married today to Macarena Pescador, with whom he has been together for around ten years.

Prior to the ceremony, Contador quietly announced the news. "This year I will marry. The day is Saturday, the fifth of November," he said according to Italian sports paper Gazetta dello Sport. "I want it to be a simple celebration, within the family, where everyone can be at ease."

His press agent subsequently announced the wedding had taken place and issued two images of the couple to media.

In the interview, Contador also spoke about his past and future season. "Good," he said about 2011. "I think I had a very good season. My first objective was the Giro and I obtained it." The higher goal of the Tour de France was less satisfying. "The second objective was the Tour and I didn't make [the win]. That was because I had to go against several factors which I couldn't control - like luck. It may also be because the Giro is not the best preparation for the Tour. But I am content with my choice."

At the Tour, Contador arrived a bit tired, after a very difficult Giro d'Italia. He had also several crashes and lost time due to being delayed by crashes. It was the first time that Contador lost a Grand Tour since winning his first one in 2007, when he took the Tour de France.

He is making some adjustments in his race schedule. "I don't think I will ride the Giro d'Italia next year," he says. He won't be participating in the classics program either. "I could start at the Tour de San Luis in Argentina, although I don't like to race in January because I am afraid that it will get me into form too quickly." He is clearer on the later schedule. "For sure I want to race Tirreno-Adriatico, a race that I don't know and which motivates me a lot. It is in a period where you have to have a good fitness level." In the past, he has raced Paris-Nice instead of Tirreno. He is leaving the rest of his program open for now.

Contador is critical about the world-wide expansion of UCI races. "The calendar is already too saturated. I am not only counting the races, but also those in camps, in order to be at the top level." He ended his season in July, after his fifth place at the Tour de France. Despite the early end, he has a lot of travel miles piled up. "In 2011 I had 62 race days, but in the first 200 days of the year I was away from home 140," he says.

In his winter preparation, Contador still likes to have some activity. "I go hunting and walking in the country side. I also go to the gym and at the end of November I start again seriously on the bike. I stay in Pinto [his home near Madrid], but if it gets too cold I will go to the coast."

Alberto ContadorA typical Contador day starts around nine o'clock with his training. "A little before if it is warm, a little later if it is cold," he says. Then he occupies himself with the second most important thing for a cyclist. "After lunch I never miss a nap, typical for us Spaniards." He then spends a normal after-work day in his hometown. "The rest of the day is dedicated to friends, girlfriend [wife after today], normal life." He also admits to have a weak point. "I go to bed later than I should, never before 12:30am."

Contador considers himself happy and stays away from negatives like lies, inconsistencies or false friends. "That does not happen in my group." For Contador, his family is very important. "We are a close-knit family, four brothers; each one makes his own living but we are in constant contact."

He still hangs out with the same friends he has always hung out with. "For them it doesn't matter if I win or not. With them I don't talk much about bicycling."

Just before his scheduled resume of on-bike training, his clenbuterol case will be argued in front of CAS, from November 21-24. "I look at it with a lot of tranquility and confidence. When someone hasn't done anything he doesn't have to fear anything. It is a matter of pride. It is unthinkable to accept any kind of sanction."


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