Jayco Bay Classic: Seventeen year old Ewan wins again, Spratt solos to women’s race
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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Jayco Bay Classic: Seventeen year old Ewan wins again, Spratt solos to women’s race

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Davis and Hoskins take overall classification in Australian season opener

Caleb EwanFor the second time in four races, the highly impressive seventeen year old Caleb Ewan showed his speed against far older and more experienced competitors, winning the final stage of the Jayco Bay classic in Williamstown.

The young talent blazed home ahead of world Madison champion Leigh Howard (GreenEdge) and former Santos Tour Down Under winner Allan Davis (Mitcheltown Wines/Lowe Farms), with the rest of the field scattered further back.

“I can’t believe it at the moment. I honestly can’t believe I’m beating some of these guys,” a beaming Ewan admitted afterwards. “After the first win I was so excited. I didn’t know if I could back it up but I found myself on good wheels again with the big GreenEDGE lead out for Davis and I ended up coming around him again…it’s pretty exciting.”

The final race was a very fast one, preventing breaks from gaining a large advantage. The GreenEdge team did what it could to try to pull off a victory but once again lost out. Ewan pounced at just the right moment, going head to head with Howard before pulling ahead.

“Because I’m a small guy I can take a corner pretty well over some of those bigger guys,” he said, “so the course really suited me.”

Ewan had started the final leg third overall in the classification, determined by points. He was five behind Davis but almost overhauled the former world championship bronze medallist with his result. He finished just one point back, and made a big impression on his older rival.

“Full congrats to the young fella, Ewan,” he said. “No matter who you’re racing, it doesn’t matter about names, it’s all on the legs doing the talking and he’s done that. Apart from ability he knows where to put himself in a bike race and that will take him just as far as his ability.”

From a personal point of view, his victory is very good for his confidence, particularly as 2011 was a quiet season in terms of results. “It’s great to finally get the overall win, another one off the bucket list,” he stated.

He’ll now line out in the Australian road race championships determined to try to take a gold medal. The first event is the criterium race, which takes place tomorrow.

Spratt and Hoskins take double for GreenEdge:

Amanda SprattThere was a similar tight battle in the women’s race, with 2011 Australian team pursuit champion Melissa Hoskins (GreenEDGE-AIS) succeeding in holding off Chloe Hosking (Total Rush/Hyster) in the overall standings on the final stage.

The duo started just one point apart, but strong team-work by GreenEdge put pressure on the Total Rush team and also set up Amanda Spratt for stage victory.

The latter attacked half an hour into the race, by which time the GreenEdge team had dropped all by one of Hosking’s team-mates. Spratt soloed to the line, reaching it three seconds ahead of the next five riders; of those, Hoskins outsprinted Hosking, Rochelle Gilmore (BikeExchange Dream Team) and Annette Edmondson (Pitcher Partners) for second.

That left her three points ahead of both Spratt and Hosking, netting the first overall triumph for the GreenEdge AIS team.

Hoskins said that while Hosking had a strong team-mate with her, her fellow GreenEdge riders were able to ensure her victory. “(Loren) Rowney has got a lot of experience but I had a lot of trust in the girls,” she said. “I knew my team would look after me and they did really well.

“I just had to back myself again…the girls did everything out there to keep me there so it was up to me to not let them down. Coming around that last corner, that’s the fastest I think I’ve ever taken a corner in my life.”

The race marked the second stage win in two days for the GreenEdge AIS team. Shara Gillow soloed to success yesterday, then Spratt did the same today.

“Just after that last intermediate sprint I just saw the perfect moment to attack, so I went and no one came with me. Once I had the gap, it was just a matter of making sure I stayed out there,” she said.

“I was still a little bit worried that the gap might come down so I didn’t really get a chance to celebrate until I got into that last straight there and then I could relax a little bit.”

All eyes were on the GreenEdge team this week. The men’s team have been unable to secure a win at this early point, but the women have picked up two. “I guess there was pressure on us but we were more than willing to take up that challenge,” said Spratt.

“We’ve been working so well together all week and it’s such an exciting team to be part of. It’s all coming together even quicker than we thought it would, so it’s looking to be a really exciting year ahead.”

As is the case with the men, many of the female riders will begin the national championship programme with the criterium race tomorrow.

Jayco Bay Cycling Classic, stage 4:

Elite men - Stage 4:

1, Caleb Ewan (NSWIS) 59 mins 45 secs
2, Leigh Howard (GreenEdge Cycling)
3, Allan Davis (Mitchelton Wines/Lowe Farms)
4, Bernie Sulzberger (Urban Hotels) at 4 secs
5, Anthony Giacoppo (WA) Bike Bug)
6, Chris Sutton (Urban Hotels)
7, Greg Henderson (NZ) Degani Bakery Cafe) at 7 secs
8, Robbie McEwen (GreenEdge Cycling) at 18 secs
9, Sam Witmitz (Budget Forklifts) at 28 secs
10, Nathan Haas (Bike Bug) at 30 secs
11, Koen de Kort (Urban Hotels)
12, Mark O'Brien (Budget Forklifts) at mins 31 secs
13, Zak Dempster (Degani Bakery Cafe) at 33 secs
14, Mitch Docker (GreenEdge Cycling) at 1 min 6 secs
15, Baden Cooke (Mitchelton Wines/Lowe Farms) at 1 min 29 secs


Matthew Goss (GreenEdge Cycling)
Wesley Sulzberger (GreenEdge Cycling)
Luke Durbridge (WA) Mitchelton Wines/Lowe Farms)
Michael Hepburn (Mitchelton Wines/Lowe Farms)
Patrick Lane (Mitchelton Wines/Lowe Farms)
Bert de Backer (Urban Hotels)
Richard Lang (Urban Hotels)
Heinrich Haussler (Bike Bug)
Steele Von Hoff (Bike Bug)
Alex Carver (Bike Bug)
Mark Jamieson (Degani Bakery Cafe)
Dean Windsor (Degani Bakery Cafe)
Johnnie Walker (Degani Bakery Cafe)
Joel Pearson (Genesys Wealth Advisers)
Nic Sanderson (Genesys Wealth Advisers)
Peter Loft (Budget Forklifts)
Luke Ockerby (Budget Forklifts)
Blair Windsor (Budget Forklifts)
Michael Knoff (John West Cycling)
Rene Kolbach (John West Cycling)
Oliver Kent-Spark (John West Cycling)
Nicholas Brian (John West Cycling)
Trent Derecourt (WA) John West Cycling)
Nathan Bradshaw (NSWIS)
Luke Williams (NSWIS)
Tirian McManus (NSWIS)
Jack McCulloch (NSWIS)
Taiji Nishitani (Geelong Mazda)
Kazuhiro Mori (Geelong Mazda)
Kazushige Kuboki (Geelong Mazda)
Takuya Takashi (Geelong Mazda)
Eya Hashimoto (Geelong Mazda)
Tom Leezer (Rapido Cycles/Four Points Geelong)
James Mowatt (Rapido Cycles/Four Points Geelong)
Scott Liston (Rapido Cycles/Four Points Geelong)
Neil van der Ploeg (Rapido Cycles/Four Points Geelong)

Sprint 1:

1, Bernie Sulzberger (Urban Hotels) 3 pts
2, Nathan Haas (Bike Bug) 2
3, Baden Cooke (Mitchelton Wines/Lowe Farms) 1

Sprint 2:

1, Bernie Sulzberger (Urban Hotels) 3 pts
2, Wesley Sulzberger (GreenEdge Cycling) 2
3, Luke Durbridge (WA) Mitchelton Wines/Lowe Farms) 1

Sprint 3:

1, Bernie Sulzberger (Urban Hotels) 3 pts
2, Wesley Sulzberger (GreenEdge Cycling) 2
3, Luke Durbridge (WA) Mitchelton Wines/Lowe Farms) 1

General Classification:

1, Allan Davis (Mitchelton Wines/Lowe Farms) 29 pts
2, Caleb Ewan (NSWIS) 28
3, Anthony Giacoppo (WA) Bike Bug) 23
4, Bernie Sulzberger (Urban Hotels) 22
5, Chris Sutton (Urban Hotels) 19
6, Greg Henderson (NZ) Degani Bakery Cafe) 16
7, Leigh Howard (GreenEdge Cycling) 13
8, Luke Durbridge (WA) Mitchelton Wines/Lowe Farms) 10
9, Nathan Haas (Bike Bug) 8
10, Koen de Kort (Urban Hotels) 8
11, Mitch Docker (GreenEdge Cycling) 8
12, Johnnie Walker (Degani Bakery Cafe) 8
13, Dean Windsor (Degani Bakery Cafe) 8
14, Zak Dempster (Degani Bakery Cafe) 7
15, Steele Von Hoff (Bike Bug) 7
16, Mark O'Brien (Budget Forklifts) 6
17, James Mowatt (Rapido Cycles/Four Points Geelong) 5
18, Robbie McEwen (GreenEdge Cycling) 3
19, Sam Witmitz (Budget Forklifts) 2
20, Trent Derecourt (WA) John West Cycling) 2

Sprint Ace Competition:

1, Bernie Sulzberger (Urban Hotels) 21 pts
2, Mitch Docker (GreenEdge Cycling) 9
3, Nathan Haas (Bike Bug) 8
4, Anthony Giacoppo (WA) Bike Bug) 6
5, Luke Durbridge (WA) Mitchelton Wines/Lowe Farms) 6
6, Wesley Sulzberger (GreenEdge Cycling) 5
7, Dean Windsor (Degani Bakery Cafe) 4
8, Caleb Ewan (NSWIS) 3
9, Leigh Howard (GreenEdge Cycling) 3
10, Baden Cooke (Mitchelton Wines/Lowe Farms) 2
11, Robbie McEwen (GreenEdge Cycling) 1
12, Mark O'Brien (Budget Forklifts) 1
13, Zak Dempster (Degani Bakery Cafe) 1
14, Johnnie Walker (Degani Bakery Cafe) 1
15, Trent Derecourt (WA) John West Cycling) 1

Teams Classification:

1, Urban Hotels, 49 pts
2, Mitchelton Wines/Lowe Farms, 39
3, Degani Bakery Café, 39
4, Bike Bug, 38
5, NSWIS, 28
6, GreenEDGE, 24
7, Budget Forklifts, 8
8, Rapido Cycles/Four Points Geelong, 5
9, John West Cycling, 2


1, Amanda Spratt (Greenedge-AIS) 44 mins 50 secs
2, Melissa Hoskins (Greenedge-AIS) at 3 secs
3, Chloe Hosking (Total Rush/Hyster)
4, Rochelle Gilmore (BikeExchange Dream Team)
5, Annette Edmondson (Pitcher Partners)
6, Rebecca Henderson (Suzuki-Trek Women)
7, Jessie Maclean (Greenedge-AIS) at 7 secs
8, Kate Finegan (Spencers Race)
9, Loren Rowney (Total Rush/Hyster)
10, Sue Forsyth (Pitcher Partners)
11, Liza Rachetto (Spencers Race)
12, Rosara Joseph () at 10 secs
13, Rebecca Wiasak (Suzuki-Trek Women)
14, Shara Gillow (Greenedge-AIS)
15, Grace Sulzberger (Jayco - AIS) at 15 secs
16, Rowena Fry (Jayco - AIS)
17, Sinead Noonan (Jayco - AIS) at 17 secs
18, Tiffany Cromwell (Greenedge-AIS) at 18 secs
19, Kirsty Broun (BikeExchange Dream Team) at 20 secs
20, Gracie Elvin (Jayco - AIS) at 24 secs


Nicole Cooke (BikeExchange Dream Team)
Peta Mullens (BikeExchange Dream Team)
Myfanwy Galloway (BikeExchange Dream Team)
Imogen Jelbart (Suzuki-Trek Women)
Ailie Mcdonald (Suzuki-Trek Women)
Allison Rice (Suzuki-Trek Women)
Isabella King (Pitcher Partners)
Elizabeth Phillipou (Pitcher Partners)
Sequoia Cooper (Torq)
Nadine Le Mescam (Torq)
Thomay Michaltsis (Torq)
Katherine O'Shea (Torq)
Chloe Mcintosh (Total Rush/Hyster)
Kimberley Wells (Total Rush/Hyster)
Carly Williams (Total Rush/Hyster)
Delphine Astier (Spencers Race)
Ella Hopkins (Spencers Race)
Jessica Mundy (Spencers Race)
Holly Heffernan (NSWIS)
Laura Triggs (NSWIS)
Angela Mcclure (Norwood C.C.)
Alice Wallett (Canberra Cycling Club)
Jess Wigan (MTBA)
Antonia Abbisogni (Bendigo & District CC)
Jamie Leigh Edwards (Geelong Cycle Club)
Carla Franson (Central Districts C.C.)
Ella Scanlan-Bloor (Southern Highlands CC)
Nicole Whitburn (Degani Bakery Cafe)
Tanya Matthewson (Degani Bakery Cafe)
Anna Kauffmann (Degani Bakery Cafe)

Sprint 1:

1, Jessie Maclean (Greenedge-AIS) 3 pts
2, Tiffany Cromwell (Greenedge-AIS) 2
3, Melissa Hoskins (Greenedge-AIS) 1

Sprint 2:

1, Annette Edmondson (Pitcher Partners) 3 pts
2, Gracie Elvin (Jayco - AIS) 2
3, Peta Mullens (BikeExchange Dream Team) 1

General Classification:

1, Melissa Hoskins (Greenedge-AIS) 32 pts
2, Amanda Spratt (Greenedge-AIS) 29
3, Chloe Hosking (Total Rush/Hyster) 29
4, Rochelle Gilmore (BikeExchange Dream Team) 21
5, Jessie Maclean (Greenedge-AIS) 16
6, Annette Edmondson (Pitcher Partners) 15
7, Tiffany Cromwell (Greenedge-AIS) 15
8, Loren Rowney (Total Rush/Hyster) 14
9, Shara Gillow (Greenedge-AIS) 12
10, Grace Sulzberger (Jayco - AIS) 10
11, Rebecca Henderson (Suzuki-Trek Women) 8
12, Kate Finegan (Spencers Race) 5
13, Sinead Noonan (Jayco - AIS) 5
14, Kirsty Broun (BikeExchange Dream Team) 5
15, Peta Mullens (BikeExchange Dream Team) 4
16, Isabella King (Pitcher Partners) 4
17, Liza Rachetto (Spencers Race) 3
18, Gracie Elvin (Jayco - AIS) 2
19, Lucy Coldwell (Carnigie Caulfield CC) 2
20, Sue Forsyth (Pitcher Partners) 1

Sprint Ace Competition:

1, Shara Gillow (Greenedge-AIS) 10 pts
2, Jessie Maclean (Greenedge-AIS) 6
3, Chloe Hosking (Total Rush/Hyster) 5
4, Tiffany Cromwell (Greenedge-AIS) 4
5, Peta Mullens (BikeExchange Dream Team) 4
6, Annette Edmondson (Pitcher Partners) 3
7, Kirsty Broun (BikeExchange Dream Team) 3
8, Amanda Spratt (Greenedge-AIS) 2
9, Loren Rowney (Total Rush/Hyster) 2
10, Rowena Fry (Jayco - AIS) 2
11, Gracie Elvin (Jayco - AIS) 2
12, Melissa Hoskins (Greenedge-AIS) 1
13, Sue Forsyth (Pitcher Partners) 1
14, Grace Sulzberger (Jayco - AIS) 1
15, Sinead Noonan (Jayco - AIS) 1
16, Chloe McConville (Carnigie Caulfield CC) 1

Teams Classification:

1, GreenEdge-AIS, 94 pts
2, Total Rush/Hyster, 43
3, BikeExchange.com.au Dream Team, 30
4, Pitcher Partners, 20
5, Jayco – AIS, 17
6, Suzuki-Trek Women, 8
7, Spencers Race, 8
8, Carnegie Caulfield CC, 2


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