2012 Tour of the Battenkill UCI 1.2 Professional Invitational Start List
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Friday, April 13, 2012

2012 Tour of the Battenkill UCI 1.2 Professional Invitational Start List

by Steve Jones at 7:26 PM EST   comments
Categories: Pro Cycling, Spring Classics
America's Queen of the Classics set for Sunday

Tour of the BattenkillThe Tour of the Battenkill, America's toughest one-day race, has set its roster in stone for this coming Sunday's UCI 1.2 Professional Invitational.  New York will play host to some of the sport's top teams, with Team Type 1-Sanofil and United Healthcare Pro Cycling headlining the bill amongst a strong field of contenders.

The event has also attracted the British IG - Sigma Sport and Team Raleigh-GAC squads from across the pond, and brought in Canadian teams Garneau/Quebecor, Jet Fuel, Team Medique p/b Silber Investments, Équipe cycliste EKOÏ.com/Gaspésien, OCTTO presented by Cervélo and Ride with Rendall teams.

The Tour of the Battenkill's Pro Invitational takes part over 124 miles of rolling terrain that includes its trademark dirt roads which leave a suffering peloton no time to admire the covered bridges, family farms and rural villages along its route.  The event starts and finishes in the scenic village of Cambridge, New York.

Start list for the 2012 Tour of the Battenkill UCI 1.2 Professional Invitational:

BPC Bissel Pro Cycling USA
11 Ben Jacques-Maynes USA
12 Frank Pipp USA
13 Jeremy Vennell NZL
14 Carter Jones USA
15 Chase Pinkham USA
16 Chris Barton USA
DS Glen Mitchell

XOC XO Communications p/b Cisco Systems USA
221 Keck Baker USA
222 Adam Farabaugh USA
223 Adam Switters USA
224 Sean Barrie USA
225 Nieters, Jared USA
DS Adam Farabaugh USA

CHS Champion System USA
171 Anthony Hall USA
172 Timothy Rugg USA
173 Chris Johnson USA
174 Chris Gruber CAN
175 Igor Volshteyn USA
176 Dan Chabanov USA
DS Igor Volshteyn

RCC Competitive Cyclist Racing Team USA
21 Cesar Grajales COL
22 Cole House USA
23 Mike Olheiser USA
24 Chad Beyer USA
25 Max Jenkins USA
26 Francisco Mancebo ESP
DS Gord Fraser

EKG EKOÏ.com/Gaspésien CAN
31 Adam Carr USA
32 Mathieu Roy CAN
33 Antoine Matteau CAN
34 Pierrick Naud CAN
35 Charles Bryer CAN
36 FrânçoisC habot CAN
DS Stephane Tremblay

BHD BMC-Hincapie Sportswear Development Team USA
41 Isaac Enderline USA
42 Phillip-Alder Martz USA
43 Andrew Meyer USA
44 Jovan Zekavica SRB
45 Edison Turner USA
46 Parker Kyzer USA
DS Thomas Craven

KPC Kenda/5 Hour Energy p/b Geargrinder USA
51 Luca Damiani
52 Shawn Milne USA
53 John Murphy USA
54 James Stemper USA
55 Max Korus USA
56 Phil Gaimon USA
DS Frankie Andreu

OPT Team Optum Presented by Kelly Benefit Strategies USA
61 Jesse Anthony USA
62 Andrew Bajadali USA
63 Alex Candelario USA
64 Marsh Cooper CAN
65 Michael Friedman USA
66 Scott Zwizanski USA
DS Jonas Carney

IGS Team IG - Sigma Sport GBR
71 Simon Richardson GBR
72 Daniel Lloyd GBR
73 Tom Last GBR
74 Wouter Sybrandy NED
75 Steven Lampier GBR
76 Peter Hawkins GBR
DS Dan Duguid

TMK Team Mountain Khakis - SmartStop USA
81 Jon Hamblen USA
82 Travis Livermon USA
83 Jerome Townsend USA
84 Adam Myerson USA
85 Chris Monteleone USA
DS Joe Carpisassi

RAL Team Raleigh-GAC GBR
91 Russell Hampton GBR
92 Evan Oliphant GBR
93 Liam Holohan GBR
94 Daniel Holloway USA
95 Simon Holt GBR
96 James Sparling CAN
DS Cherie Pridham

TT1 Team Type 1 - Sanofil USA
101 Alex Bowden USA
102 William Dugan USA
103 Charles Eldridge USA
104 Kiel Reijnen USA
105 Joey Rosskopf USA
DS John Seehafer

UHC United Healthcare Pro Cycling USA
111 Hilton Clarke AUS
112 Ben Day AUS
113 Karl Menzies AUS
114 Jay Thomson RSA
115 Adrian Hegyvary USA
116 Jeff Louder USA
DS Eric Greene

BRC Bikereg.com/Cannondale Cycling Team USA
121 John Minturn USA
122 Steve Weller USA
123 Peter Hurst USA
124 Evan Burkhart USA
125 Zack Noonan USA
126 Wes Kline USA
DS Steve Weller

PAN Team Panther p/b Competitive Cyclist USA
131 Ryan Aitcheson USA
132 Ryan Knapp USA
133 Ben Damhoff USA
134 Andrew Seitz USA
135 Robert Stumpf USA
136 Chris Uberti USA

RWR Ride with Rendall Cycling Team CAN
141 Aaron Fillion CAN
142 Casey Roth CAN
143 Olivier Delaney CAN
144 Kernan Orange CAN
145 Matteo Dal-Cin CAN
146 Stephen Keeping CAN
DS Greg Reain

TMD Team Medique p/b Silber Investments CAN
151 William Blackburn CAN
152 Sebastien Lacroix CAN
153 Scott Loong CAN
154 Kianoush Missaghi CAN
155 James Picolli CAN
156 Robert Ralph CAN
DS Scott McFarlane

OCT OCTTO presented by Cervélo CAN
161 Osmond Bakker CAN
162 Kevin Black CAN
163 David Byer CAN
164 Yuri Hrycaj CAN
165 Peter Morse CAN
166 Brian Trafford CAN
DS Alex Sanna

HAG Hagens Berman Elite Cycling USA
181 Cody Campbell CAN
182 Ian Crane USA
183 Kennett Peterseon USA
184 Gabe Verela USA
185 David Fleischhauer USA
186 Jesse Reams USA

SNT Stans Notubes / AXA Equitable Cycling Team USA
191 Michael Margarite USA
192 Stephan Kincaid USA
193 Joe Whitman USA
194 Jacob Mueller USA
195 John Loehner USA
196 Steven Cummings USA
DS Michael Sherry

PUR Pure Energy Cycling-ProAirHFA USA
201 Bobby Lea USA
202 Barry Miller USA
203 Mike Chauner USA
204 Nick Frey USA
205 Kirk Carlsen USA
DS Arounkone Sananikone

MTB Mt Borah / Minerva Design Cycling Team USA
211 William Hottenstein USA
212 John Hunter USA
213 Andrew McCullough USA
214 Wyatt Stoup USA
215 Matthew Spohn USA
DS Michael Minerva

GAR Garneau/Quebecor-Norton Rose CAN
1 Brett Tivers NZL
2 Bruno Langlois CAN
3 Mark Langlands NZL
4 Geoffroy Dussault CAN
5 Charly Vives CAN
6 Rémi Pelletier-Roy CAN
DS Christian Leduc FRA

JET Jet Fuel Cycling Team CAN
231 Evan Mundy CAN
232 Jamie Riggs CAN
233 Anton Varabei CAN
234 Joe Guiliano CAN
235 Andrew Randell CAN
236 Garrett McLeod
DS Bryan Bowers

JUW Juwi Solar Elite Cycling USA
241 Greg Krause USA
242 Jesse Goodrich USA
243 Julian Kyer USA
244 Scott Tietzel USA
245 Ian Holt USA
246 Jeff Perrin
DS Greg Krause

AST Astellas Oncology p/b ABD USA
251 Zachary Bergh USA
252 Daniel Harm USA
253 Nicolas Inabinet USA
254 Jacob Rytlewski USA
255 Andre Vandenberg USA
DS Matt Currin

CAC CashCall Mortgage USA
261 Stefano Barberi USA
262 Devan Dunn RSA
263 Brian McCulloch USA
264 Lee Muse USA
265 David Santos USA
266 Michael Weicht GER
DS Paul Abrahams

ATL Athletix Cycling Team Benefiting Globalbike USA
271 Simon Bennett USA
272 Shane Braley USA
273 Coulton Hartrich USA
274 Coulton Parrett USA
275 James Schurman USA
276 Joshua Whitmore USA
DS Joshua Whitmore


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