UCI rules race radios will remain in use through 2013, Vaughters welcomes decision
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Friday, June 15, 2012

UCI rules race radios will remain in use through 2013, Vaughters welcomes decision

by Shane Stokes at 10:47 AM EST   comments
Categories: Pro Cycling
Proposed new anti-doping system to be further discussed in September

Race RadioThe issue about whether or not race radios will be removed from top level pro competition has been put on hold once again, with the UCI announcing today that it has decided to delay a decision for another year.

“Concerning the recommendations from the PCC, the Management Committee approved an extension of the status quo for the use of earpieces in UCI WorldTour events until the end of the 2013 season,” it said in a statement relating to the meeting which was taking place in Salzburg, Austria.

The topic was at one point a serious issue of contention between the UCI and the pro teams, with the governing body saying it wanted to remove the devices from all pro races, and the latter arguing that they are necessary for a number of reasons, including safety.

Tensions rose last year, and at one point got so bad that teams considered boycotting the Tour of Beijing. However last September it was announced that UCI president Pat McQuaid and AIGCP president Jonathan Vaughters, had brokered a deal. Under the terms of the agreement, the UCI said it would commission a study on the issue, in return for granting radio use for the 2012 season.

These would be permitted at WorldTour level, while they would not be allowed in smaller events. Those usage conditions have now been further extended until the end of 2013.

Garmin Barracuda chief Vaughters attended the UCI’s meetings in Salzburg as part of his role as teams representative for the Professional Cycling Council, and welcomed the ruling.

“I think they have decided that an issue as complex as the use of in race communication needs to be studied over the long term,” he told VeloNation. “I applaud them in taking the concerns of teams and athletes seriously, and embarking on a long term and hopefully objective study on the topic.”

Further management committee decisions:

Topics other than race radios were also discussed, including the planned creation of a central hearing panel to rule on doping cases in the sport. Last December McQuaid floated the idea due to what was seen as UCI frustration with the Spanish and Russian federations’ rulings in relation to the Contador and Kolobnev anti-doping cases.

“The UCI needs a new system, a court like CAS, but at the lower level, which would consider all doping cases,” he told La Gazzetta dello Sport then. “If a rider wants to appeal, he can do so to CAS.

“It would be the best solution, especially as there are wide disparities in trials with different national federations. Some have an interest in protecting their riders.”

There was a presentation on that topic today, but no confirmation as to if or when it would be introduced. The UCI’s management committee also spoke about a proposed change to the regulations put forward by the Association Internationale des Organisateurs des Courses Cyclistes (AIOCC) in relation to anti-doping cases. It relates to what extend the classification of a stage race would be modified if a rider is disqualified. A decision was put off until September’s next management committee meeting.

Those present at the meeting today were also updated on the details of the approval procedure for frames and forks, which was introduced by the UCI in January 2011. They were informed that at this point in time, 71 manufacturers have signed up and 136 models have already been approved.


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