Vos takes her first women's Tour of Flanders victory
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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Vos takes her first women's Tour of Flanders victory

by VeloNation Press at 11:26 AM EST   comments
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Van Dijk and Johansson net second and third from small break

Marianne VosGrabbing one of the few top races she had yet to win, Marianne Vos (Rabobank) sped to victory in the women’s Tour of Flanders today, outsprinting three breakaway companions to the line.

The Dutch world champion was quicker than Ellen Van Dijk (Specialized-lululemon) in the finale, and also bested Emma Johansson (Orica-AIS) and Elisa Longo Borghini (Hitec Products UCK).

The four-women break initially comprised Vos, Johansson and Longo Borghini, with Van Dijk then able to get across to them. Johansson tried a solo move but was caught before the end, and had to be satisfied with third.

Vos’s success comes after three near-misses in the race. She was second three years ago and was also third in both 2011 and 2007. Her triumph today comes after an earlier World Cup win this year in the Tour de Drenthe, and solidifies her lead in the overall standings.

The victory is a relief for the Dutchwoman, who had been sick in the lead-up to the race and admitted that she wasn't certain how it would work out. Those fears were unfounded, with the dominant rider notching up yet another success to her palmares.

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Ronde van Vlaanderen (women), Oudenaarde:

1, Marianne Vos (Rabobank Liv/Giant) 127 kilometres in 3 hours 33 mins 21 secs
2, Eleonora Van Dijk (Specialized-lululemon)
3, Emma Johansson (Orica-AIS)
4, Elisa Longo Borghini (Hitec Products UCK)
5, Annemiek Van Vleuten (Rabobank Liv/Giant) at 2 mins 37 secs
6, Adrie Visser (Boels Dolmans Cycling Team)
7, Anna Van Der Breggen (Sengers Ladies Cycling Team)
8, Loes Gunnewijk (Orica-AIS)
9, Elizabeth Armitstead (Boels Dolmans Cycling Team) at 2 mins 39 secs
10, Kirsten Wild (Team Argos-Shimano) at 4 mins 33 secs
11, Christine Majerus (Sengers Ladies Cycling Team)
12, Trixi Worrack (Specialized-lululemon)
13, Giorgia Bronzini (Wiggle Honda)
14, Tiffany Cromwell (Orica-AIS)
15, Charlotte Becker (Team Argos-Shimano)
16, Inga Cilvinaite (Pasta Zara-Cogeas)
17, Latoya Brulee (Cyclelive Plus-Zannata)
18, Megan Guarnier (Rabobank Liv/Giant)
19, Liesbet De Vocht (Rabobank Liv/Giant)
20, Jolien D'hoore (Lotto Belisol Ladies)
21, Lucinda Brand (Rabobank Liv/Giant)
22, Tatiana Antoshina (MCipollini Giordana)
23, Sofie De Vuyst (Sengers Ladies Cycling Team)
24, Barbara Guarischi (Vaiano Fondriest)
25, Maaike Polspoel (Sengers Ladies Cycling Team)
26, Jessie Daams (Boels Dolmans Cycling Team)
27, Christel Ferrier-Bruneau (Faren-Let's Go Finland Team)
28, Marion Rousse (Lotto Belisol Ladies)
29, Annelies Van Doorslaer (Cyclelive Plus-Zannata)
30, Katarzyna Pawlowska (GSD Gestion-Kallisto)
31, Lisa Brennauer (Specialized-lululemon)
32, Alexandra Burchenkova (RusVelo)
33, Alena Amialiusik (BePink)
34, Amélie Rivat (Vienne Futuroscope)
35, Sara Mustonen (Faren-Let's Go Finland Team)
36, Oxana Kozonchuk (RusVelo)
37, Amanda Spratt (Orica-AIS)
38, Janel Holcomb (USA National Team)
39, Gracie Elvin (Orica-AIS)
40, Chantal Blaak (Team TIBCO-To The Top)
41, Audrey Cordon (Vienne Futuroscope)
42, Kristin McGrath (USA National Team)
43, Marijn De Vries (Lotto Belisol Ladies)
44, Sophie De Boer (Netherlands National Team)
45, Elena Kuchinskaya (RusVelo)
46, Carmen Small (Specialized-lululemon)
47, Georgia Williams (BePink)
48, Anna Sanchis Chafer (Bizkaia-Durango)
49, Noemi Cantele (BePink)
50, Ane Santesteban Gonzalez (Bizkaia-Durango)
51, Edwige Pitel (S.C. Michela Fanini-Rox)
52, Ann-Sofie Duyck (Lotto Belisol Ladies)
53, Tatiana Guderzo (MCipollini Giordana)
54, Kelly Druyts (Topsport Vlaaderen-Bioracer) at 10 mins 8 secs
55, Isabelle Söderberg (Cramo Go:Green)
56, Anouska Koster (Team Futurumshop)
57, Cecilie Gotaas Johnsen (Hitec Products UCK)
58, Ana Bianca Schnitzmeier (Wiggle Honda)
59, Monique Van De Ree (Cyclelive Plus-Zannata)
60, Amy Pieters (Team Argos-Shimano)
61, Aizhan Zhaparova (RusVelo)
62, Kim Schoonbaert (Lotto Belisol Ladies)
63, Marieke Van Wanroij (Boels Dolmans Cycling Team)
64, Emilia Fahlin (Hitec Products UCK)
65, Rozanne Slik (Netherlands National Team)
66, Ine Beyen (Topsport Vlaaderen-Bioracer)
67, Lina-Kristin Schink (GSD Gestion-Kallisto)
68, Willeke Knol (Team Argos-Shimano)
69, Susanna Zorzi (Faren-Let's Go Finland Team)
70, Katazina Sosna (Vaiano Fondriest)
71, Thea Thorsen (Hitec Products UCK)
72, Mayuko Hagiwara (Wiggle Honda)
73, Giada Borgato (Pasta Zara-Cogeas)
74, Alessandra D'ettorre (Vaiano Fondriest)
75, Martina Ruzickova (Pasta Zara-Cogeas)
76, Marta Bastianelli (Faren-Let's Go Finland Team)
77, Valentina Carretta (MCipollini Giordana)
78, Rachel Neylan (Hitec Products UCK)
79, Francesca Cauz (Top Girls Fassa Bortolo)
80, Julia Soek (Sengers Ladies Cycling Team)
81, Pascale Jeuland (Vienne Futuroscope)
82, Laura Van Der Kamp (Team Futurumshop)
83, Martina Thomasson (Cramo Go:Green)
84, Jessica Kihlbom (Cramo Go:Green)
85, Silvia Valsecchi (BePink)
86, Romy Kasper (Boels Dolmans Cycling Team)
87, Stephanie Pohl (Team Futurumshop)
88, Linnea Sjöblom (Cramo Go:Green)
89, Valentina Scandolara (MCipollini Giordana)
90, Simona Frapporti (BePink)
91, Lauren Hall (USA National Team) at 13 mins 12 secs
92, Edita Janeliunaite (Pasta Zara-Cogeas)
93, Emilie Moberg (Hitec Products UCK) at 14 mins 53 secs
94, Elena Valentini (Top Girls Fassa Bortolo)
95, Daisy Depoorter (Cyclelive Plus-Zannata)
96, Marta Tagliaferro (MCipollini Giordana)
97, Lucy Garner (Team Argos-Shimano)

Did not start:

Kendall Ryan (USA National Team)

Outside time limit:

Agne Silinyte (Pasta Zara-Cogeas)
Anastasiya Chulkova (RusVelo)
Anisha Vekemans (Topsport Vlaaderen-Bioracer)
Christina Perchtold (Squadra Scappatella)
Daniela Gass (Squadra Scappatella)
Emily Kachorek (USA National Team)
Gloria Boldrini (S.C. Michela Fanini-Rox)
Jessy Druyts (Topsport Vlaaderen-Bioracer)
Katsiaryna Barazna (S.C. Michela Fanini-Rox)
Lara Vieceli (S.C. Michela Fanini-Rox)
Liisi Rist (S.C. Michela Fanini-Rox)
Maria Mishina (RusVelo)
Patricia Schwager (Faren-Let's Go Finland Team)
Ruth Winder (USA National Team)
Silvija Latozaite (Pasta Zara-Cogeas)
Stephanie De Croock (Topsport Vlaaderen-Bioracer)
Stephanie Roorda (GSD Gestion-Kallisto)

Did not finish:

Aleksandra Sosenko (Vaiano Fondriest)
Alessia Martini (Vaiano Fondriest)
Alie Gercama (Team Futurumshop)
Alizee Brien (GSD Gestion-Kallisto)
Annelies Dom (Cyclelive Plus-Zannata)
Aurore Verhoeven (Team Futurumshop)
Beatrice Bartelloni (Wiggle Honda)
Charlene Delev (GSD Gestion-Kallisto)
Daniela Pintarelli (Squadra Scappatella)
Dorleta Eskamendi Gil (Bizkaia-Durango)
Elena Berlato (Top Girls Fassa Bortolo)
Elena Cecchini (Faren-Let's Go Finland Team)
Emily Collins (Wiggle Honda)
Esra Tromp (Team Argos-Shimano)
Fiona Dutriaux (Vienne Futuroscope)
Francesca Stefani (Top Girls Fassa Bortolo)
Geerike Schreurs (Sengers Ladies Cycling Team)
Hanna Helamb (Cramo Go:Green)
Ilaria Sanguineti (BePink)
Ilona Hoeksma (Netherlands National Team)
Irene Bitto (Top Girls Fassa Bortolo)
Jennifer Fiori (Top Girls Fassa Bortolo)
Jessie Maclean (Orica-AIS)
Joanne Hogan (Bizkaia-Durango)
Kaat Hannes (Lotto Belisol Ladies)
Karol-Ann Canuel (Vienne Futuroscope)
Katie Colclough (Specialized-lululemon)
Larissa Ratkic (Squadra Scappatella)
Lauren Kitchen (Wiggle Honda)
Lilibeth Chacon Garcia (Bizkaia-Durango)
Lucy Martin (Boels Dolmans Cycling Team)
Madelene Olsson (Cramo Go:Green)
Marissa Otten (Cyclelive Plus-Zannata)
Mascha Pijnenborg (Team Futurumshop)
Mayalen Noriega (Bizkaia-Durango)
Mayra Del Rocio Rocha (GSD Gestion-Kallisto)
Mireia Epelde Bikendi (S.C. Michela Fanini-Rox)
Pauline Ferrand Prevot (Rabobank Liv/Giant)
Rotem Gafinovitz (Topsport Vlaaderen-Bioracer)
Sara Grifi (MCipollini Giordana)
Valentina Bastianelli (Vaiano Fondriest)
Winanda Spoor (Netherlands National Team)


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