Hinault vs. Armstrong
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Monday, June 8, 2009

Hinault vs. Armstrong

by VeloNation Press at 7:38 AM EST   comments
Categories: Pro Cycling, Tour de France

It is true, two of the most tenacious competitors in Tour de France history never had the chance to race against each other. But the fact that Bernard Hinault and Lance Armstrong raced at different times was no reason for the outspoken Frenchman to hold back from picking a fight with the seven-time winner.

Never one to mince words, when asked about Armstrong's return to the Tour de France after three years in retirement he was full of opinions. He met with the press in Montereau, the starting point for the Tour's final stage, and asked, "Is he afraid of France?" mocking the American's concerns for his safety at the race earlier in the year.

He continued, "Nobody has asked him to come, he should stay home." With respect to how Armstrong will perform the Badger quipped, "He cannot win this Tour." Adding that he hoped his teammate Alberto Contador puts him in his place.

Armstrong replied to Hinault's comments on Twitter, keeping his opinion of the 54-year-old short: "What a wanker. Five TdF wins doesn't buy you any common sense."

Who knows what the fallout will be with respect the banter between the two champions. Armstrong has proven in the past that if you want to see him ride well you just need to piss him off. Look for the seven-time winner to, at the very least, get himself a stage win so he can give a wry smile to Hinault while shaking his hand on the stage. But there can be no doubt that the cherry on the cake would be Hinault having to zip up a yellow jersey for Armstrong in front of the fans, even if ends up that he was only keeping it warm.


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