Cookson responds to Swiss Cycling’s dropping of nomination, says McQuaid is ‘in a very difficult position’
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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cookson responds to Swiss Cycling’s dropping of nomination, says McQuaid is ‘in a very difficult position’

by Shane Stokes at 5:00 AM EST   comments
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Briton says question marks exist over other nominations claimed by election rival

Brian CooksonResponding to today’s announcement from Swiss Cycling that it has withdrawn its nomination of Pat McQuaid, his rival for the UCI presidency Brian Cookson has said the news has cast a real doubt on the Irishman’s chances for re-election.

Cookson has pointed out that the questions over his other declared nominations by the Moroccan and Thai federations will now be in the spotlight, and that he believes the need to rely on this recently-declared backing puts him on shaky ground.

“This latest development is of real significance to the Presidential election process. It leaves Mr McQuaid in a very difficult position, particularly when viewed alongside his failure to receive a nomination from his own national federation as required under the constitution of the UCI,” Cookson stated.

“It also places further question marks against his other 'nominations' whose validity is in serious doubt and remain a matter of genuine concern to many in the cycling world. No attempts at manipulation and legal bluster can take away the doubts and questions.”

The UCI released details of an assessment by the legal firm Baker & McKenzie yesterday, reporting that the firm had concluded that McQuaid’s nominations by the Moroccan and Thai federations were received before the June 29th cut-off point. The firm also argued that a controversial Malaysian proposal to allow any two global federations to nominate a candidate – plus plans to backdate that proposal if it is approved at the UCI Congress – were also applicable under Swiss law.

The full text of that can be found here.

The firm appears to have been commissioned by either McQuaid or the UCI, and their interpretation is thought likely to be challenged by rival lawyers. VeloNation understands that a number of federations will launch legal action over these contested aspects of the election, making it possible that McQuaid’s chances of a third term will be decided by the courts rather than by the delegates at the UCI Congress.

Cookson has not commented on any possible legal challenges, but instead underlines the importance of McQuaid following the regulations as they were when the election started.

“The important principle in any democracy is that you must respect the rules as they are, not how you'd like them to be,” he said. “My hope remains that we have a democratic process based on the rules of the race when it started rather than those made up half way through.

“For my part I remain focussed on setting out the policies and the vision that I believe is needed for the UCI and the sport of cycling to move forward.”

He said that he was proud of the support he has received from British Cycling, and that he is receiving ‘growing support’ from the international cycling community as his election campaign continues.


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