Astana manager Sanquer will take action if necessary over Italian doping investigation
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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Astana manager Sanquer will take action if necessary over Italian doping investigation

by Conal Andrews at 8:54 AM EST   comments
Categories: Pro Cycling, Doping

As reported in recent days, a doping investigation based around the town of Mariana Mantovana in Northern Italy has been centred on certain present and past members of the Lampre team.

Four people previously employed by the Italian squad moved to the Astana setup over the winter and, according to the general manager Yvon Sanquer, action will be taken if it is shown that they are involved.

Those who moved to the Kazakh team are the riders Paolo Tiralongo and Enrico Gasparotto, as well as Guido Bontempi, directeur sportif, and the team doctor Andrea Andreazzoli.

Few names have been confirmed thus far as part of the investigation, and so it is too early to say if any of the four risk losing their place in Astana.

However, if a link is shown to exist between these and any questionable practices, Sanquier implied that he would act decisively.

"It is true that people have been incorporated into our structure from the Lampre team, which some media have linked to the investigation of Mantua,” he told “For now, Astana's position remains neutral, as we don’t have any official notification that they are linked with doping plot, but we'll take action if it is confirmed.”

Sanquer took over the Festina team after the 1998 Tour scandals, and steered it back to some respectability. He knows that there is little room for error as Astana team leader Alberto Contador has a get-out clause in his contract. The Spaniard is able to leave the team if any member of it becomes involved in doping scandals.


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