Garmin-Transitions team to co-operate with Landis inquiry
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Friday, May 28, 2010

Garmin-Transitions team to co-operate with Landis inquiry

by Conal Andrews at 7:12 AM EST   comments
Categories: Pro Cycling, Doping
Encourages honesty and pledges support

The Garmin-Transitions team has pledged its full support into the ongoing inquiry into allegations that Lance Armstrong, Johan Bruyneel and the US Postal Service team were engaged in doping practices. The US Anti-Doping Agency, national cycling federations and WADA are amongst those who are keen to determine if claims made by Floyd Landis, the disqualified winner of the 2006 Tour de France, are indeed true.

Two current members of the Garmin-Transitions lineup were named by Landis as having connections to the case. The rider Dave Zabriskie was alleged to have used EPO several years ago, as was Matt White, one of the directeurs sportifs.

The team has long had a clean image, and has emphasised that whatever happened in the past, that it is fully committed to running a drug-free squad.

Team management yesterday released a statement saying that it encourages full co-operation with the enquiry. It read:

“We created Slipstream Sports because we wanted to create a team where cyclists could compete 100% clean.

It is an organization built on the core values of honesty, fairness and optimism. It is built on the belief in our ability to contribute to changing the sport’s future through a persistent commitment to the present.

Today, we continue to follow these core principles. We are very encouraged to see the incredible strides cycling has taken to clean itself up. Though it is important to acknowledge pride in the fact that cycling has never been cleaner, we find ourselves at a critical moment in cycling’s evolution: confronting its past.

The founding concepts of Slipstream Sports were put in place for riders committed to competing clean during their time at Slipstream Sports. We have total confidence not only in our anti-doping culture but also in our riders and staff. Everyone who works for us came here knowing in advance what we stand for as well as the standards to which they will be held.

We cannot change what happened in the past. But we believe it is time for transparency.

We expect anyone in our organization who is contacted by any cycling, anti-doping, or government authority will be open and honest with that authority. In that context, we expect nothing short of 100% truthfulness – whatever that truth is – to the questions they are asked. As long as they express the truth about the past to the appropriate parties, they will continue to have a place in our organization and we will support them for living up to the promise we gave the world when we founded Slipstream Sports.”

If Zabriskie, White, or indeed any other individuals can back up Landis’ claims, it would greatly increase the pressure on those accused. Because Landis lied for so long about his own doping, his credibility has been affected. However the corroboration of others would add weight to his claims.

Of course, if they contradict his version of events, that would have the opposite effect. Time will tell what their contribution will be, but the pledge of continued support from the team does seem to suggest that the individuals named do have some information.


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